Nevada flag

Nevada State Motto

"All for Our Country"

The Nevada state motto "All for Our Country" was adopted as part of the state seal in the year of 1886. Unfortunately there is no documentation of the reasoning behind the choice of the Nevada state motto.  

However, the Nevada motto was adopted during the Civil War at the same time as Nevada entered the Union as a state. To ad strength to the Union, the Union needed the support of one more state, so loyalty and patriotism were strong feelings of bonding in this time of crisis and these sentiments may in this way have contributed to the choice of the Nevada motto.

Nevada State Nicknames

Whereas there is only one Nevada state motto, there exist a number of state nicknames for Nevada:

"The Battle Born State"
This official Nevada state nickname reflects - just like the Nevada state motto - back to the time of the Civil War. Nevada joined the Union during the Civil War and is therefore "Battle Born".

"The Silver State"
Nevada has a long history of silver extraction and production (silver is also one of the state colours and is the state mineral).

In 1864 when Nevada was adopted into the Union, silver was at the top of the list of minerals mined in the state. It is said, that in those days silver was so extensive in the ground that it could by extracted by a simple load of a shovel.

In the year of 2002 Nevada produced 13.6 million ounces of silver and 7.7 million ounces of the much desired yellow metal, gold.

This extensive history of silver was proudly exposed as markings "The Silver State" on cars in the early 1980's.

Nevada nickname: The Silver State - picture of fluid silver

"The Mining State"
This Nevada state nickname is a reference to Nevada’s long and intense mining history.

"The Sagehen State"
The sagehen is often mentioned as a 'lusty' bird because of its quite spectacular sex life that is spiced up with whole day mating performances that go for weeks.

The population of sagehen has dropped significantly during the last 100 years and there is an ongoing debate as to whether the sagehen is now an endangered species or not.

The bird requires access to plenty of sagebrush as this plant or wild flower is one of the main ingredients of its diet.

Nevada nickname: The Sagehen State - picture of sagehen

"The Sagebrush State"
As mentioned above, the sagebrush makes up a very important part of the sagehen's diet. The sagebrush is also Nevada's state flower.

Nevada State Slogans

Whereas the Nevada state motto intends to describe the patriotic sentiments of Nevada's 'soul', Nevada state slogans focus especially on attracting tourists, and some, well... are just rather special:

"Wide Open"
This is Nevada's tourism slogan.

"Battle Born"
This Nevada slogan is also a Nevada nickname.

"Nevada: Whores and Poker!"

"Nevada: Come Happy, Leave Broke"

"Nevada: Whoreific!"

"Nevada: Slots and Sluts"

Some of these Nevada funny state slogans may be bought on t-shirts and the like.

USA map with Nevada highlighted