Arizona's flag

Arizona State Motto

"Ditas Deus"

The Arizona state motto is one of the many Latin mottos of U. S. states. Translated into English, it means "God enriches". The motto was provided by the writer and journalist Richard McCormick who was appointed secretary of the Arizona Territory by President Lincoln.

The expression "Ditas Deus" has been the state motto since 1912 and this state motto appears on the state seal but has in fact been the Arizona Territory motto since 1863.

Other U.S. states that have mottos that like the Arizona state motto embody deep religious sentiments and references to God are Colorado, Florida, Ohio and South Dakota.

Arizona State Nicknames

"The Copper State"
Arizona is the largest industrial producer of Copper in the states, hence this Arizona state nickname. In the middle of the Arizona flag yet another reference to copper is made in the symbol of a copper star.

"The Grand Canyon State"
Another one of the Arizona state nicknames is the "The Grand Canyon State". In the northern part of the state, the mountain range known as The Grand Canyon is found in all its spectacular beauty. Most of the Grand Canyon mountain range may be found within the scopes of the Grand Canyon National Park - one of the first national parks in America.

"Italy of America"
The mountainous scenery is found to have great similarities to the looks of the mountains of Italy.

"The Sand Hill State"
As this Arizona nickname indicates, numerous areas of sand hills may be found in the state.

"The Aztec State"
In the Gila and Salt River valleys, some ancient ruins are thought to have been built by the Aztec people.

"The Apache State"
In the 19th century, many battles were fought between the Native American Apache people and the European newcomers.

"The Baby State"
For a long period Arizona was the latest state to have joined the Union – hence the "baby of the great family".

"The Valentine State"
February 14th was the day that Arizona was adopted into the Union.

"The Sunset State" or "Sunset Land"
Another one of the Arizona state nicknames is "The Sunset State" as Arizona is considered one of the homes of the most spectacular sunsets - particularly in the Grand Canyons.

Arizona State Slogans

Whereas the motto intends to describe the 'character' of Arizona with reference to God's charity to the world, Arizona state slogans focus especially on attracting tourists, and as you will see, in both serious and funny ways:

"Arizona - Grand Canyon State"
This Arizona state slogan is from the official Arizona travel and vacation guide from the Arizona Office of Tourism:

"Arizona: Dehyd-rific!"

"Arizona - But It's a Dry Heat"

"Arizona - 150.000 People Can't Be Wrong"

"Arizona: Soon To Be the Pacific Coast State"
~ Michelle Steiner ~

Some of these Arizona funny state slogans are sold on souvenirs such as t-shirts, hats, and badges.