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You have now pressed the "About Me" button to know more about who I am. Philosophically, the highest truth about who I am, may be said in a very short two-word-quote:

Nothing more, nothing less than simply: I am. I exist.

Now, while this is in fact a surprisingly high and deep philosophical truth, it was probably neither what you were expecting, nor what you wanted. So to accommodate your expectations, in the following, I will share with you some 'worldly' facts about me and try to offer you a quick 'taste' of my personality.

Well, let us start off with some basics…

Background and Facts about Soren

  • Portrait of Soren Lauritzen Sex: I am a man.

  •  Land of origin: I am a Viking from Northern Europe - the same country as the existentialist author Soren Kierkegaard and master storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. The place where Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet' takes place: The Kingdom of Denmark.

  •  Names and implied character: My name Soren is quite common in Denmark. I'm not too fond of the meaning of my name because Soren (Severin in Latin) means 'serious' and 'severe' which to me isn't very attractive. Neither is it very descriptive of my character.

  •  Education and 'pro-titles': I have a background in economy and organizational theory (an MBA). This choice was made a loooong time ago when 'that was what you were expected to do' – meet society's expectations and follow the perceived job opportunities and the money.

  •  Professions and interests: I have a 'work' background as an employee in various companies but working for someone else, meeting someone else's goals and being told what to do was not satisfying for me. I ended up with a series of questions about my identity and purpose of life. Naturally being interested in existential questions about life and our place within it, I dived into areas of personal development.

Well so far so good. The formal stuff aside, we may talk a little more about ...

My Personality Trait: Fun Loving Adventurer

If you know the personality system, the Enneagram, it will mean something to you when I say that I have an ego of the type 7. If you don't know the Enneagram, then let me tell you a bit about what characterizes ego-type 7 and therefore me:

First of all I am a fun loving adventurer. I am highly curious and love new ideas and experiences. This love of 'the new' makes me quite visionary and I play with lots of possibilities and concepts ... plus I daydream about all the lovely things that I think the future holds. I tend to start lots and lots of projects because I love to switch focus and don't want to be bored. Having fun is important to me.

Now, so far, this sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? But there is a backside: there are simply not enough hours in the day to do all the projects, and sometimes when I start new projects it's simply because I'm running away from old, 'boring' ones that I can't be bothered to finish - as you may imagine, this is not always very practical. This is a constant challenge for me.

Soren, the Calm Consciousness Raiser

  •  By nature I am very socially acute, I very easily pick up how people are, what they want, and what I must do to help them.

  • I have a very calming and soothing effect on people – my warm and accepting presence elevate people's self esteem and simply gives them peace. Also, the relatively high level of consciousness that is now his everyday state of being makes me highly intuitive; plus, my state of consciousness seems to rub off on the people I come in contact with. This is especially useful in my work as a coach and a guide in consciousness - it makes my work so much easier. If you like, you can check out my growing English website at ThePersonalDevelopmentGuy.com.

  •  For many years I travelled extensively all over the world, but after having been through a powerful process of personal development and discovered the endless possibilities of consciousness, my love of new experiences tends towards inner experiences rather than outside ones.

    Even before getting to know the Enneagram, I discovered that the antidote to my ego's frenetic search for what's new is to immerse myself deeply in one or few subject at a time.

    Consequently, I have come to love researching and being nerdy. I can sit for hours on end in my comfortable, well-worn armchair and explore higher levels of consciousness while researching some topic that has caught my interest. I have even taught myself to type while being in these mental states and the 'Notes from Life Itself to You' [LINK] are one of the things I create this way.

  • I have written and published a number of books, both fiction (novels) and non-fiction in both English and Danish. (Most of my novels in Danish have yet to be translated into English).

The Birth of Quotescoop.com

Loving to play with lots of projects and having a deep philosophical view on life I thought 'why not try and do an Internet site?' And since quotes are one of the ways that deep truth can be stated quickly and with a smile, and since jokes and other short funny stuff is a love I have, I though, hey, why not?

But I wanted to share my fun with as many other people as possible, so I wanted YOU to be able to provide input as well. This was very important to me.

Also, I wanted to do a better job than ALL of my competitors. I wanted to present my quotes and stuff in a way that's UNIQUE. Not simply easily accessible, but also sorted in ways that you absolutely do not se anywhere else ... Ways that are not only very entertaining but which also reflect my own philosophical take on life, the universe and everything! In time you will see what I mean. :-)

And so quotescoop.com (also known as: inspirational-quotes-short-funny-stuff.com) was born.

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