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Fun Trivia Quizzes and Tests and Interesting General Knowledge Questions

Lots of Trivia Quizzes and Tests

Don't we all just love the challenge of trying to ace the questions included on top rated quizzes.  

Well, here you are bound to discover trivia quizzes that will test your knowledge as well as your ability to recall information from the past.

Ready to Determine Your Trivia Quiz IQ?

Are you a genius or a putz?

To be sure, this question will be answered when you try your hand at some of the free fun tests or trivia quizzes that dare you to put ‘all the marbles' on the line.

Free quiz questions give you the opportunity to see just how good you really are at ‘recalling facts' when it counts.

For those of you who can't wait, let's get started right now:

Let's start off your quiz engine
with a few easy general quiz questions:


1) Which president was the last president of the Soviet Union?

2) In general, how many teeth do a human being have in his or her mouth?

3) What kind of vegetable are black-eyed peas, as they are actually not peas?

4) Which Arab city has a name that derives its meaning from the word 'sanctuary'?

5) Who wrote the Harry Potter books?

6) Which bone in the human body is most often broken?

7) Seen from Earth, which planet shines most brightly?

8) Which kind of berries were named star berries by native Americans?

9) Which home appliance uses the most amount of water?

10) What was Christopher Columbus' nationality?


1) Mikhail Gorbachev

2) 32

3) Beans

4) Mecca

5) J.K. Rowling

6) Collar bone

7) Venus

8) Blueberries because of the five points star shape of the blueberry blossoms

9) A toilet

10) Italian

Make It a Fun Learning Game: Challenge Yourself or Others!

Trivia quizzes: Photo of woman thinking

You can even challenge others to take these mini-quizzes so that you can determine who gets to claim the title ‘King of Quiz Mountain'.

Don't worry if you miss a few questions the first time you take one of these fun tests.

You are going to get better with practice. Just give it a chance and see which quizzes and tests are easy for you to master and which ones are giving you a little trouble.

Looking at the answer key to a free general knowledge quiz before you complete the test takes away a little of the fun.

Remember that these trivia questions are to test you to see how many answers you already know.

The more fun tests you play the more incredible facts you are going to start learning. Then you can use this knowledge to help boost your scores in the future.

You are going to find that you get more self-satisfaction if you can come up with the correct answers for these tests without going for the answers ahead of time.

Choose Your Quiz, ‘Partner'

In the fashion of any Old West duel you can even the playing field by your choice of fun quizzes to try.

The great thing about online quizzes and tests is the fact that you can select the type of questions and categories before you begin playing.

There are general knowledge questions that may include a wide variety of subjects such as science, geography and pop culture. Other categories include such options as ‘state capitals', ‘beyond belief weird facts', ‘totally useless information' or ‘yesterday's news'. The choice is yours to make.

If you are a whiz with sports information it would only be natural to concentrate on quizzes that feature sports related questions. You can certainly find fun trivia questions that will tax the mind of even the most devoted and astute sports enthusiast.

Here is a free general knowledge quiz that contain questions regarding some of the subjects above:

A Free General Knowledge Quiz
with 10 Random Questions

1) In computer language, what does the abbreviation ROM stand for?

2) How many people populate the Earth right now (year 2011)?

3) What famous pop star goes under the real surname of Gudmundsdottir?

4) In which French city was the $325 million 1682 chateau for Louis XIV built?

5) How old was Swiss tennis player Martina Hingis when she became the youngest Grand Slam champion of all time?

6) In order for band to become a "big band" what is the minimum numbers of musicians?

7) What is a piece of Coiled DNA called?

8) Which U.S. state gets attacked by tornadoes most often?

9) When do you find the coldest part of the day?

10) In which film did Tom Cruise have his first leading role?


1) Read Only Memory

2) About 6.1 billion people

3) Bjork

4) Versailles

5) 15 years old. I 1996 she won the women's doubles with Helena Suková at Wimbledon

6) 6

7) Chromosome

8) Texas

9) Most often just before and during sunrise

10) Risky Business

Genius in Hiding?

Trivia tests: Portrait of Albert Einstein. Think you have all the answers?

The truth might just surprise you. There are quizzes and tests that range in difficulty from easy to expert. Those expert level questions are intended to be a real challenge for your brain.

You may not have a PhD but you could earn a virtual honorary doctorate in quizzes. Why not show others that you really do have the Right Stuff when it comes to trivia questions?

Lots of people consider trivia to be a fairly easy subject to master. Yet, this seemingly easy material is the wonderful fodder that creates exciting moments for quiz participants.

Many of the best trivia questions will have you scratching your head as you try to determine which answer to choose.

Even experts can be stumped by quizzes and tests which is one reason the playing field is more level than it might first appear.

Can YOU beat an expert at their own game? You won't know unless you try, will you?

Perpetually Popular?

Quizzes are enjoying a resurgence of popularity today, but these activities have never really suffered from a lack of interest. There has always been a large and eager audience actively searching for fun tests that offer new and exciting challenges.

From kindergarten students to senior citizens there are thousands of quizzes to tempt everyone. You can find fun tests and unusual trivia quizzes that fit every category including those that are intended to be silly, serious or somewhere in between.

If you can't wait to try a couple of fun tests do go for one these.

If you're a fun loving girl try this Funny Love Match Quiz

If you're a guy with lots of self irony go for this Funny Love Match Test

If you are into absurd humor this Wacky Mental Health Quiz or Funny Bipolar Quiz or Entertaining Bipolar Test will definitely be right up your alley!

Learning Has Never Been So Much Fun

Trivia quizzes and tests: Funny drawing of pencil with a brain and light bulb.

To be sure most of the quizzes and tests provided by teachers in a classroom setting are not as popular among school age children.

Yet, these same kids can be found searching for fun tests and trivia quizzes online. In fact there are a number of benefits that these types of tests will deliver.

You can actually glean a great deal of helpful information from many types of tests that are now available through online settings. There is no stress involved when taking these tests which also puts people at ease.

No performance anxiety means you have a better chance of acing that quiz on the ‘first go-round'. However, if you do miss a few of the questions it is no big deal-you can always re-take the test and have the satisfaction that comes when seeing how many answers you got right.

Many people are even discovering that taking these types of online quizzes and tests helps them relax and be more at ease when they have to sit for a real test at work or in school.

Consider these fun tests as your personal and ‘cost-free' tutors.

As you sift through the questions and answers you will learn new information about the world. This information may come in handy in real life, and you can always parlay your new knowledge into casual ‘chit-chat' in social situations.

In other words you might find yourself becoming the center of attention at the next party simply because everyone will realize that you are never at a lack for the right word or comment.

There are tests and quizzes that will let you know how much you know about current events and top celebrities. You can even find free quiz questions that will test your level of knowledge about countries, languages, food, historical events or geography.

Ready, Set, Go!

With fun trivia questions you can test your own ‘smarts' against your friends and family. Who will come out on top in the battle of the brains and be able to claim that they are the Trivia Champ?

Fun tests and trivia questions only take a few minutes to complete. Is your brain filled with bits and bytes of information that can deliver a perfect score, or are you in need of a little more ‘intellect input'?

General knowledge questions are always a great place to begin. Why not step up to the challenge with this free general knowledge quiz?

Beginner Level General Knowledge Quiz

1) What MAD comedienne performs the voice for Lois Griffin on the TV-series ‘Family Guy'?

2) What does the term ‘southpaw' mean?

3) What US state has only 1 consonant in its name?

4) What one body feature does a marsupial have that no other animal has?

5) How many different animals can you find when you eat Nabisco Animal Crackers?

6) What one object will never be found in any Las Vegas casino?

7) Does the Mona Lisa painting show a woman's face with, or without, eyebrows?

8) How many years will it take for a glass bottle to decompose?

9) What animals have fingerprints?

10) What 1930s film would propel both Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh to worldwide stardom?


1) Alex Borstein

2) That a person is lefthanded

3) Ohio

4) A pouch

5) 18

6) A wall clock

7) Without eyebrows

8) 1,000,000 (one million)

9) Koalas, primates, humans

10) Gone with the Wind


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