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Learn to Pick the Right Valentines Day Gifts for Women

February is the time for love, and it's also the time you look for Valentines Day gifts for women (and has been for more than two centuries) because on the 14th of February it's Valentine's Day.  

Valentine's Day - the Background

Acknowledged in over 30 different countries, Valentine's Day sees men pampering their women and loved ones exchanging gifts. However, the day itself marks a less than romantic event, the death of the martyr Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine was a somewhat mysterious man, his only crime was loving the wrong girl and before accepting his sentence to death, he wrote a note to the girl signing it simply "Your Valentine" and a tradition was born.

However, if the saint had had to pick a gift to go with his romantic note, than he may have found himself in the same position as many men on Valentines Day - stumped.

Your Valentine Gift for Her Should Reflect Your Feelings

Man thinking while chewing on his glasses.

Whether you have a wife or girlfriend or you are just in love, maybe even at a distance, thinking of suitable Valentines Day gifts for her may feel like nothing short of nightmare.

After all, you want something that accurately reflects your feelings, without being seen as cliche or even worse, cheap.

There is also a certain unspoken etiquette when buying Valentines gifts for women, which can make it all the harder for the unsuspecting male.

However, a little thought and imagination should ensure you come up with the perfect gift for that special lady in your life ...

Picking the Right Gift Her Depending on Your Situation

In the following we're going to help you avoid the pitfalls and give you a bunch of Valentine gift ideas so you'll know something about what kind of valentine presents for her are suitable in which situation. Here are the situations you may find yourself in, in relation to your loved one:

1) Valentine gifts for women when you are the secret admirer
2) Valentine gifts for women when you are in a new relationship
3) Valentine gifts for women when you're in a long term relationship
4) Valentine gifts for women when you are in a marriage

Next, we'll go over each of these four possibilities.

Gifts for Women when You're a Secret Admirer

This is perhaps the most difficult scenario when it comes to buying Valentines gifts for girls. If you are not dating, it is highly likely you know little about her as a person or what she likes to do. So what do you buy a woman you don't know for Valentines?

Well, when considering Valentines Day gifts for her, do not go over the top or be too suggestive.

Anything rude, rudely funny or sexual will likely come across as obnoxious or presumptuous. The traditional options, such as chocolates or flowers, are usually safe enough (although they may not be all that safe if she doesn't like the treat, is on a diet or even worse, if she is allergic).

Using Flowers

Rose bouquet with white, yellow and red roses.

Flowers may be cliche but they are an ideal way of showing a person you are thinking of them.

Stick to pretty and simple; red roses will be too much and she may even think you are a stalker.

Instead, a small but elegant display of fresh flowers should do the trick without scaring her off.

If you're REALLY serious, a single red rose, or a bunch of different colored roses with a single red rose mixed in might also be acceptable.

If you want to call attention to the red rose, make it one with a longer stalk than the others.

Using Chocolate

As for using chocolate for your Valentines Day gifts for women, there is usually a relationship between price and quality, so unless you have personal experience with the different chocolates (a fun thing to get) then just go for something that's on the expensive end of the scale.

Really high quality chocolates are far from cheap, but they can be absolutely delicious.

Other Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

Wine bottle as valentine gift for her.

Other potential Valentines Day gifts for her include e.g.: a bottle of wine, perhaps even one with a personalized label or a small gift basket of different things, from chocolates to beauty products.

Or you might take a leap of faith and ask her out on a date. If you do, make sure you start out by first ALSO using the fresh Valentines flowers or the chocolates or the Valentine gift baskets.

Tips for When You're in a New Relationship

If you have only just started dating the woman for whom you are purchasing a gift, it is important you follow a few simple rules in your choice of Valentines Day gifts for her.

Traditional Valentine Gifts for Her

No matter what, it's hard to miss completely if you use the tried and true method of gifting her with the traditional kinds of Valentines Day gifts for her; the flowers, the chocolates and the Valentine cards are evergreens.

All of the above mentioned traditional Valentines Day gift ideas will work just fine.

Personalized Valentines Day Gift Ideas

You may also opt for some kind of personalized valentine gifts. You can get many, many kinds of custom Valentine gifts - from personalized chocolate gifts, to personalized gift bags, to custom gift boxes, to personalized engraved gifts, to custom gift cards, to personalized garden gifts.

Any kind of personalized gifts for her is likely to make a positive impression as long as you don't go over the top.

Caution: Lingerie May Send the Wrong Signals

Please note that lingerie is a big no-no when looking for Valentines Day gifts for women, especially if your relationship is not even at the intimacy stages (yet).

Not only is she likely to think you are only interested in one thing, the chances of you getting her sizes correct are slim to none. Meaning you could cause double the offense and get yourself dumped as well!

Other Valentines Day Gift Ideas

A Valentine trip in a hot air balloon in the orange sunset.

Instead, think of Valentines Day gifts for her that reflect any interests she has, as well as gifts that allow you both to spend more time together.

Event days, such as a trip in a hot air balloon or a drive in a racing car at a track, are all the rage these days and would allow you to spend a fun day together.

If she enjoys football or music, tickets to a game or concert will also mean another date is arranged for you both.

Men, who put a little thought into their Valentine gifts for women, will find they are more of a success.

Tips for When You're in a Long Term Relationship

If you have been seeing a woman for a while, thinking of Valentines Day gift for her should be easy, right?

Not necessarily. It can be just as hard to buy a gift for someone you know inside out, as it is for someone you do not really know. This is because of familiarity, and the fact that you should have bought her many gifts before, which means the pressure is on to think of something new and different.

One of the Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

Two golden suitcases and a silhouette of a plane - going away for Valentine's.

An expensive, but winning, option would be an all-expenses-paid weekend way for the two of you.

This is the ideal gift for a busy woman, who may not always be able to spend as much time with you as she would like.

Choose a romantic setting and, if possible, arrange time off work for her. This way, on Valentine's Day you can give her an overnight bag and tell her you are whisking away for a few days quality time. Very romantic! Most women love that.

Other Valentine Gift Ideas for Her

Other potential Valentines Day gifts for women include: events, specific gift vouchers or any of the above mentioned personalized Valentines Day gifts from personalized gift baskets to custom chocolate gifts, to personalized gift cards, to personalized engraved gifts.

Jewelry may seem a expensive option but it is pretty much guaranteed to get you firmly in her good books. In certain age groups charm bracelets are the current must-have accessory and purchasing one of these means you can buy other charms to add to it. (No more worrying about the perfect birthday gift or anniversary present for her).

A personalized Valentines gift basket should be filled with things you think she will really like, rather than stereotypical romantic items that are associated with Valentine's Day. Since you're in a long term relationship you already know what that is. If not, then keep your eyes open for a couple of weeks, that's all it takes.

One other idea is to fill a Valentines gift basket full of expensive bath products, then complete it with a toweling robe and slippers. She can pamper herself at home then, whenever she feels like it.

Tips for when You're in a Marriage

Are you one of those men who think taking their wedding vows then absolves them from all future romantic gestures towards their wife? If so, you will definitely benefit from changing your mind! (As, of course, will your wife).

Finding some really good Valentines day gifts for her is likely to breathe new life into your relationship (particularly if you follow up with extra, unexpected attention towards her in the weeks following the 14th of February).

Caution: No Power Tools or Household Appliances

The first rule of buying a romantic Valentine gift for your wife is to avoid power tools and household appliances! While the steam iron may need replacing, gifting one for Valentines to your wife is so un-romantic it is likely to see your dinner given to the dog.

Make Her Feel Appreciated and Desirable

Instead, think of Valentine's gifts that will make her feel appreciated and, more importantly, that show her how much you love her. Lingerie will not only make her feel wanted, it will make her feel attractive too.

Avoid anything too kinky or in-your-face, instead go for naughty but nice lingerie she will enjoy wearing. Before making a purchase, double-check her sizes so you know her Valentines gift will fit.

Other Valentines Ideas for Your Wife

A good back massage.

Other Valentines Day gifts for her might include for a voucher for anything that will give her the chance to feel pampered for the day, say, a personalized gift card or voucher for a day in the spa or wellness center.

You can also include your own homemade voucher, offering private massages she can enjoy at her leisure.

While these ideas may not strike you as romantic, your wife most likely will, and she certainly will appreciate the thought you have put into your Valentines day gifts for her. Of course, helping more around the house and encouraging her to put her feet up more, will always win you brownie points.

Final Words

Whether you have been with your partner five years, five weeks or just five days, thinking of Valentines Day gifts for her doesn't have to be torture. If you really can't think of anything, or you believe she has everything, asking her best friend or sister may help you make a decision.

Most importantly, what ever Valentines Day gifts for women you do choose, giving them with true affection and love will increase the sentiment. It's the sentiment that matters!


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