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Ring in this special day with a cute free Valentine card to your special someone.

On this page you'll find lots of different kinds of Valentines cards so it should be quite possible for you to find at least one, perhaps two, perhaps three or perhaps even more great cards that fit your taste.

Go on, please enjoy!

What Exactly Is It, We're Celebrating on Valentine's Day?

Painting of Saint Valentine receiving a rosary from the Virgin.

If you're interested, we'd like to invite you on a journey to discover the original meaning behind the tradition of Valentine's Day, also known as St. Valentine's Day. (If you're just here to find free Valentine cards, by all means skip this bit and scroll down to find the cards).

Valentine's Day is old. Very old. You see, the official St. Valentine's Day was set by Pope Gelasius all the way back in 496 AD.

Even though Valentine's Day today is celebrated in the joyful spirit of love and affection the ancient history of that day is of quite a different nature.

You see, what we're officially celebrating on St. Valentine's Day is St. Valentine's day of death. Not an ordinary death, but martyrdom.

Read on and find out more!

Not One, not Two but Three St. Valentines!

Apparently, there is a very high frequency of heroic Valentines to have been executed in the past after which they attained sainthood because of their noble death sacrifice.

Now, let's list these Valentines:

St. Valentine No. 1 (most famous): Valentine of Rome:
According to legends, Valentine was an unfortunate priest in Rome who ended up being executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II in 269 AD (more on this story in a bit).

St. Valentine No. 2: Valentine of Terni
Roman emperors seem to have a lot to answer for. This Valentine (a bishop in Terni, approximately 197 AD) was also to have been killed as a result of an Emperor's (Emperor Aurelian) actions or persecutions.

St. Valentine No. 3 (relatively unknown):
Almost nothing is known about this Valentine other being martyred in Africa.

Now, there are a few tales about Valentine of Rome that might (only might) shed some light on the origin of the celebration of Valentine's Day. Here they come ...

What Has Valentine of Rome Got to Do with Unending Love, Lush Flowers and Sweet Chocolate?

Well, probably not much! Sorry!

There are many myths and unanswered questions when it comes to unravelling the connection between the celebration of love on Valentine's Day and the sacrifice of St. Valentine. Historians have really been pulling out their hair in sheer frustration as the link is still quite foggy: What has St. Valentine got to do with the celebration of love?

Well, there are a few romantic pointers in the legend of St. Valentine that may shed some light on this love puzzle:

St. Valentine possibly wedded lovers in secret
Apparently during the reign of Emperor Claudius young men were prohibited from marriage. It seems that Emperor Claudius thought that women and children too big a distraction for the potential soldier. However, Priest Valentine obviously thought this to be a silly law and decided to matters into his own hands.

Unfortunately his role as secret 'love binder' was discovered and he was sentenced to death for disobedience of the Emperor.

(Another less romantic legend has it that Valentine was executed by the Emperor not only because he refused to covert from Christianity to Roman paganism, but also because he tried to give the Emperor his medicine trying to convert him to Christianity.)

St. Valentine possibly wrote the first Valentine card himself
While being in prison Valentine rumor has it that Valentine fell in love. And the person at the receiving end was possibly the jailor's very own daughter who he supposedly had healed.

Before being executed, Valentine was to have written her a combined farewell love letter signed with the now all famous expression often seen on Valentines Day Cards, "From your Valentine"

Romantic Ideas for Lovers on Valentines Day

Perhaps Making February 14 a Day for Love Birds Was all a Due to a Big Misinterpretation

Besides the hazy St. Valentine legends, there is one more possibility that might explain the relationship between love and Valentine's Day.

Geoffrey Chaucer (a famous English poet of the Middle Ages) is probably the first person to set love and Valentine's Day in the same sentence or verse.

In 1382 he was to have written an engagement poem for King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia that in everyday understandable English reads:

"For this was Saint Valentine's Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate"

Now most people though that he was referring to February 14th (Valentine's Day) but it is most likely that he referred to May 2, as this was not only the wedding day for King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia but also the saints' day for Valentine of Genoa.

Besides, February 14th is thought to be a little bit too early, even for desperately lovesick birds to begin mating in the cold winter struck Britain.

We hope you enjoyed reading about St. Valentine :-)

Now we would like to present you with some free Valentines cards, beautiful Valentine pictures - some of which you can choose to use as printable Valentine cards

While we thoroughly wish you to enjoy this collection, we do require that you only use them for private purposes only. Thank you!

The Gallery of Free Valentines Day Cards

Modern Valentines Day card: heart drawn in the sand near the water.

Modern Valentines Day card with short Valentine Greetings
Clean photo of the beach with the sand all smooth and heart drawn in it. The blue sea can be spotted in the background.

'Happy Valentine's'

Free Valentine postcard: Vintage picture of two children and a big bee.

Free Valentines Day cards in Vintage Style and Sweet Valentines Poems to Inspire you in Your Valentine's letters
Cute couple of children sitting on a fence surrounded by flowers and a big bee flying against a blue sky.

'To my Valentine'

'Just a little Valentine
A little greeting, too,
For someone who is very nice
And that someone's YOU.'

Little boy writing big Valentine greeting with feather pen and ink bottle. Vintage Valentine picture.

Different Valentine Greeting Card With Great Valentines Poems.
Drawing of a little man, his feather pen, a big bottle of ink and a huge Valentine letter.

'To My Valenentine'

'All the paper in the country,
All the stamps and pens and ink
I should need if I should tell you
All the compliments I think

Yours truly'

Free Valentine's collection: Little child peeping out through window in big red heart.

Vintage Valentine's with Valentine Message
Beautiful old Vintage card with a small angel looking out through a window in a red heart that is pierced by a big arrow.

'A Token of Affection'

Free Valentine Card: couple hugging at the beach in an orange sunset.

Modern Valentine Greeting Cards with Love Poems for Valentines Day
Decorative photo of a silhouette of a young couple hugging at the beach during a romantic orange sunset.

'Loving you all through time
Always be my Valentine'

Valentine greeting cards: Two children and four little cupids.

Free Valentines Day Cards with Cute Valentines Poems
Old drawing of two children and four little angels. The girl is sitting inside the house reading a book waiting for the boy to arrive with his red Valentine gift. The boy is being pushed by the little cherubs as if being late.

'Her glance invites so be not slow
Faint heart ne'er won Fair Lady, O'

Beautiful Valentine greeting cards: Vintage picture of blue trumpet flower and red heart.

Decorative Valentine Pictures with Short Rhyming Love Poems for Valentines Day
Drawing of big blue trumpet flower, a yellow ribbon and a red heart with the Valentine's Poem

'Morning Glory
Inspiration thine
Wilt thou be
My Valentine?'

Little child in funny clown like costume with red hearts on. Free Valentines Day cards.

Free Valentines Day Card in Vintage Style
Cute Valentine picture of little boy in a clown like costume with hearts on.

'To my Love'

Valentine graphics: Outlines of hearts on purple background.

Modern Valentine Greetings and Valentine Poems to use in your Valentine Card
Lots of outlines of hearts on a purple background.

'Sweet heart of mine
You are my Valentine'

Cute boy with red pant and a locket with a woman inside: Vintage Valentine cards.

Vintage Valentine Greeting Cards with Love Poems for Valentines Day
Picture of cute little boy in white shirt and red pants holding a heart locket with a portrait of a young woman.

'With Love to my Love'

'There is such sweetness in thy face
What can the meaning be?
I love my Love because I know
My Love loves me'

Free Valentines cards: Two kids on a bench and cupid pointing his arrow at the girl.

Free Valentine Cards in Vintage Form and Cute Valentines Poems
Cute painting of two children sitting on a bench. The little girl with braids and long blond hair has received two pink roses from the boy sitting by her side. A small cupid is helping firing up the romantic ambience with his arrow pointing at the girl.

'To my Valentine'

'If you'll only come and be
Just a Valentine to me,
Cupid then will help us be
Sweethearts till eternity.'

Old Valentines Day postcard: Little angel or cupid playing on a guitar like instrument.

Vintage Valentine Pictures with Valentine Greetings
Very old card with a little cupid playing a small guitar / ukulele kind of instrument. Also big white roses and a red heart.

'To my Valentine'

Modern Valentines Day cards: Photo of 'love' written on glass.

Free Valentines Day Cards in Photo Style and Sweet Valentine Greetings
Love engraved on glass.

'Love you always my Valentine'

Free Valentine Card: Little child as messenger boy with a Valentine greeting card.

Vintage Valentine Greeting Cards and Short Valentine Poetry
Old drawing of boy wearing a cape and hat adorned with lots of red hearts and holding a Valentine letter in his hand.

'By love's own post
Most superfine
Come greetings from
Your Valentine'

Heart and Valentine poem drawn on paper with a red pen. Free Valentines cards.

Free Valentine Greeting Cards in Modern Style with Cute Valentines Poems
Valentine picture of a white piece of paper, a red marker and a simple love heart drawing.

'My heart for you
My Valentine true'

Vintage Valentine's Day cards: Two white doves, a big heart and rose twig with roses.

Free Valentine's Cards and Short Valentine Greetings
Old vintage drawing of a big red heart pierced by Cupid's arrow. At the top flies two white doves, one carrying a Valentine letter, the other carrying another arrow. At the bottom is a rose twig with a few pink wild roses.

'To my Valentine'

Valentine greeting card: Two kids walking under a big umbrella.

Old Vintage Valentine Greeting Card and Charming Valentines Poems
Old drawing of young gild in pink dress and young in seaman's costume walking together under an umbrella. The Valentine poem at the bottom is very difficult to read but as far as we can tell, it goes something like this:

'To my Valentine'

'If you rain sweet (...) on me
Who'd like to be yer feller
I'd let 'em soak right through my heart
And say, Good bye Umbreller'

The places where we couldn't decipher the words, we have inserted (...). If you know what it's supposed or have a good suggestion, you're welcome to contact us :-)

Valentine Pictures: Heart shaped pillow with red rose.

Modern Valentine Greetings to Print
Cute photo of big Valentine heart pillow with a red rose in the corner.

'Love You Forever'

Cute free Valentines printable with two kids, one handing a red heart to the other.

Free Valentine Cards to Print and Rhyming Valentine Poetry to Use in Your Valentine Letter
Sweet drawing of little girl in pink dress and little boy in blue handing her a red heart.

'Valentine Greeting'

'I might not be your Valentine.
But you can bet your life you're mine.'

Vintage Valentine greeting cards: drawing of woman inserting big key into a heart's keyhole.

Beautiful Vintage Valentine Pictures and Sweet Valentine Greetings
Simple Valentine drawing of woman holding a big key trying insert it into the keyhole of a big red heart.

'You have unlocked the door to my heart'

Free Vintage Valentine Cards: Victorian couple kissing inside red heart.

Vintage Valentines Postcards and Thoughtful Valentine Greetings
Colorful drawing of man and woman kissing inside red heart. At the bottom is a woven basked filled with red hearts and several of Cupid's arrows.

'To my Valentine'

Modern Valentines Day cards in photo style: Two red tulips.

Modern Valentines Day Cards in Photo Style and Short Rhyming Valentines Poems
Sharp and pretty photo of two red tulips next to each other.

'Will you be mine
For Valentine?'

Woman's head inside a flower, a purple pansy. Beautiful Valentines Day postcards.

Beautiful Free Vintage Valentine Cards and Delightful Valentine Poetry
Drawing of big purple pansy with a portrait of a pretty blond young lady smiling. Also two red hearts held together by an arrow.

'To be a purple pansy
May not suit your girlish fancy.
But a certain fellow with feelings fine
Fancies you for his Valentine.'

Free Valentine cards: Profile portrait of pretty woman with a big hat which has a very big feather.

Free Valentine Greetings
Beautiful drawing of young woman in profile. She is wearing a big hat with what is probably an ostrich feather.

'Valentine Greeting'


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