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How to Pick the Perfect Valentine Gifts for Men

Oh dear, Valentine gifts for men! Valentine's Day is fast approaching (doesn't it always seem that way?), and you may have absolutely no idea what to get your man.

All else being equal, Valentines Day gifts for him just seem so much harder to come up with and buy than those for women.

Or so it seems.


Why Gifts for Him is Harder than Valentine Gifts for Her

Well, for one thing many men are quite particular about the gifts they get - and that includes Valentine presents for men.

For another, men (in general) seem less prone to appreciate the loving thought behind the gift and more likely to focus on the Valentine present itself. Is it useful? Do they like it? Do they need it? And so on.

These things just make it seem so darned hard to pick something he'll like and appreciate and last but not least, use. Well, read on, because Quotescoop.com aims to help you out.

The Cool Thing about Valentines Day Gifts for Men

Expectations are a surefire way to disappointment. Perhaps the best thing about buying gifts for men is that they really aren't expecting any 'gifts for man' on the day, not really.

They may feel they should be buying for you; therefore you should have no problem surprising and pleasing them just by getting 'Valentines Day gifts for him'.

So, while it may be hard for you to come up with a Valentine gift for him, you may find that getting creative can help you to find some great gifts that he is sure to love. Read on, please, lots of tips about Valentines Day gifts for men coming up!

Gifts for a Man that Make YOU Sexy!

Sexy Valentine gifts for men: Woman with sexy eyes looking at you.

When it comes to buying the perfect Valentine gifts for men, there is nothing better than something that has to do with sex.

Most men love sex (and everything to do with it), and it has been said that they think about sex several times a minute every day - for many, many years of their life.

And that's just their waking hours ...

Imagine having a mind like that! And when you do, imagine how easy a mind like that is to please. As long as it is sexy or is somehow connected to sex it is pretty sure to please!

Sexy Lingerie

Take a good set of lingerie or a sexy outfit, for example. With most men it will be hard for you to make him happier than you would if you purchased a slinky outfit that you can use for your Valentine's Day evening, that special moment when you celebrate your love together in a very physical way.

You may want to try getting a new nightgown, a baby doll, or even a new set of lacy, 'underthings' (perhaps even ones with holes in them in strategic places) ... you know, the kind of stuff that you know will make his mouth water. Without having to think too hard, you will find that a set of sexy garments are sure to be a hit. 

Sexy gifts for men: Put on a costume as a belly dancer.

Sexy Costumes Presents for Men

Another way to make it a bit sexier is to purchase some form of costume that you know he will want to see you in. He may have a thing for superheroes, or police women, or dominating women (what is the plural of dominatrix?), or French maids, or some such, and making his dreams come true on this special day.

It may seem kind of weird to give him something that's actually for you to wear (and take off), and truth be told this is one of those valentine gift ideas that don't seem as romantic as you might have wanted, but you can rest assured that as he sees what and/or how little clothing you are wearing, what he actually sees is how much you love him!

Sexy Games for Him

You may also want to consider one of the many sexy games you can purchase in novelty stores. Most of these games introduce an element of sex to regular games, and you may find that the game is one of those Valentine gifts for men that will keep on giving throughout the year.

Some sex games have cards that you and he draw every day, and these cards usually have quite a few fun things that you can do together. Other games are only for single occasions, but take our word for it: adding a bit of sex to your Valentine's Day is one of the best ways to make it special for him.

Valentine Sexy Strip Game

Valentine Sexy Strip Game

Make it Personalized

Personalized gifts are always fun, and you may find that a nice personalized gift will be exactly the kind of gift ideas for men what will make him smile this Valentine's Day.

Way before he is out trying to purchase nice flowers and/or chocolate and reserve a restaurant at the last minute, you can visit one of the many websites or stores where you can personalize everyday items.

For example, if he is the kind of guy who drinks a lot of coffee, you can make a personalized coffee mug. You can also find a personalized beer stein for him to use at home, and there are many other forms of personalized dishes - as well as countless other things.

Using the Internet

Since you, as opposed to him, are likely to be in good time, using the Internet is an excellent way to create unique Valentines Day gifts for him - just allow some time for delivery.

If you should happen to be late, you can also just print a picture of the 'Valentines Day gifts for him' that you have ordered. To make it a bit special, put the print in a nice envelope, then put on your best red lipstick and seal the envelope with a kiss.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

You may also find that making a romantic jigsaw puzzle will be a cute personalized gift. Simply dream up some romantic message and/or design a picture however you want, and have the personalized puzzle store create the puzzle for you with your ideas.

Once he has put it together, you can use puzzle glue to hold it together and hang it up on your wall to display your love for the world to see.

You can even add to the collection as the years go by, making a new romantic puzzle each year. Perhaps one for you both to do together. It can be as romantic or fun or even intimate as you care to make it. (You do remember how much he loves things to do with sex, right? Though if you plan to hang it up on your wall, you may want to consider the level of intimacy, of course). Personalized gift puzzles gifts.

Other Personalized Gifts for Him

Alternatively, you can have your own blanket or bedding made with personalized messages for him, such as a picture of you - or of his favorite pet or car or even, if you're one tough lady, his favorite topless model. Or, you can have a nice set of silk sheets and pillowcases with your names embroidered on them.

Not only are these personalized Valentine gifts useful and practical, but they can be a lot of fun to make as well. If your man is very practical, you will find that he will come to enjoy these highly personal but also useful Valentine presents for men a lot more than the 'fad of the moment' or something that he just thinks would be 'nice to have'.

 Make it Romantic

While men in general may not be as romantic as women, don't count them out just yet. You may find that getting him a romantic gift may be exactly what he needs. Romantic presents: make a love message in a bottle.

For example, have a romantic message in a bottle float up to you while you are both walking on the beach (make tests first to see where the current leads - or divert his attention while you throw the bottle in the water's edge).

Then have him fetch it and watch his face light up as he opens the bottle and finds the cute/loving/sexy romantic message (perhaps including a love coupon) from you.

This is one of the absolutely unique Valentine gifts for men, and something that is guaranteed to put a smile on his face, and which he will enjoy.

Paintings for Your Home (or His)

There are a lot of romantic paintings that you can purchase for your home, and these paintings will add a sensuous touch to your home. You may find that he enjoys these romantic paintings, and adding some art décor will also provide you with elegant decorations that can add some color and life to your home.

You can even make a habit of purchasing one new painting each year, and you can start a whole collection of beautiful romantic paintings that will eventually decorate your entire house once enough years have passed. If you want, you can note the year of purchase on the back of the painting - that way you'll always know exactly which Valentine's Day that particular painting joined your home. Maybe this suggestion isn't as much Valentine presents for men as it is for couples. But then that has a merit of its own.

Chocolate is Always a Hit - and Can be Highly Intimate

Sexy Valentine: Liquid chocolate as body paint.

Chocolate is one of the most romantic foods that you can eat (scientists have discovered there are components to chocolate that affects the body the same way being in love does), but who says you have to eat hard chocolates in order to get that loving feeling or show how romantic you are?

You may find that some chocolate syrup placed strategically on parts of your body is the perfect way to get your romantic evening off to a good start (or: end), or you can even purchase soft chocolate body paint (the edible kind that will encourage him to … well … you know what comes next).

Both painting of the body and the removal of said edible body paint can be tons of fun - and highly romantic.

So chocolate creatively used can be not only a delicious snack that helps you to celebrate Valentine's Day, but a fun addition to your evening activities. :-)

Make it Quirky Gifts for Boyfriends

Many men find that quirky gifts are the best ones, as they are unique and they rarely receive gifts that are so odd.

For example, why not get bobblehead dolls of you and him made, and give him that gift to keep on his office desk?

Your man just may have surprising amounts of fun with that simple toy, and every time he bobbles the heads he will be reminded of the special 'valentine gifts for him' you went out of your way to get him on Valentine's Day.

Valentine gifts for men that are weird and unique are usually appreciated - much more than you'd expect. Often, the more fun a Valentine gift is the more he enjoys it.

Collectible Items

You can also find a number of personalized keepsakes that you can both "collect" every year. You can have a fun tradition of each person buying the other something personalized and small that you can add to the collection.

If you and he both buy each other something small and personalized for each other, you will find that your collection of unique and slightly odd Valentine's Day items will eventually amount to a huge collection that will be accompanied by hundreds of pleasant memories.

Funny personalized Valentine's gifts collection. A pig, a white cowboy hat, a monster mug and artificial sunflowers.

Personalized T-Shirts, Puzzle Boxes and Books

You can make cute T-shirts with funny messages that are only seen when you both are wearing the shirts, or you can make a special Japanese puzzle box with a funny message on it.

There are many "Reasons Why I Love You" books that you can customize at will, and you may find that he will treasure this book as it helps to remind him of the many reasons why you love him.

A Free Pass for Him

Sexy love coupon - free night pass.

Another of the great Valentine gifts for men is giving him a one-night free pass for anything he wants to do, or give him the chance to fill out your special "love coupons" with whatever he wants.

(Yes, yes, that includes anything of a sexual nature with you, but honestly it could be anything that he really likes, from going to a bowling alley to going to the movies, to trying out paragliding or some other activity he's been talking about every now and then).

Printable Romantic Coupons for Valentine's Day

Printable Romantic Coupons for Valentine's Day

The general rule is that unique gifts are the most memorable and make for the most fun.

Make it Tasty

Most men love good food, and perhaps giving him edible, tasty treats will be the way to reach his heart.

For example, rather than having him take you out one year, cook him a special meal at home, preparing his favorite foods and desserts to be served with his favorite bottle of wine and the promise of even more food being eaten in the privacy of the bedroom (subtle hint). You may have to let him know not to take you out that night, but you can surprise him with a special dinner at home.

A Personalized Gift Basket for Him

Perhaps sending a gift basket to his office could be fun, especially if you can handpick the different items to fill the gift basket for him. Gift baskets for men aren't as difficult as at first they may seem.

For example, where you yourself would like to get a basket full of flowers, chocolates and candies, send him a basket full of beer and salty snacks - or cheeses and wines. Maybe throw in a couple of action movies for good measure. Or, if you have the guts, a couple of men's magazines. It could also be a ticket to his favorite ball game. A gift basket for him doesn't have to be a daunting task.

It's even possible that the gift baskets for men you dream up can gifts that you can enjoy as well, as he will bring it home and share with you all the tasty treats that you send him. There are many places you can find personalized gift baskets online where you yourself can select the items to fill the gift baskets for men.

Custom Valentine Candies

Another great tasty idea for Valentine gifts for men is creating your own custom candies. For example, some M&Ms offer you the chance to personalize the candies with the logos, colors, and decals of his favorite NFL team; or you can make special romantic M&Ms that can be sent to him.

You can also purchase the Valentine's jar of Hershey's Kisses, or even the 5-pound gummy bear for guys who really like the chewy candy.

Remember that some guys love certain chocolates and candies nearly as much as their women, and thus you can get him something nice by getting him something tasty.

Make it Electronic

Electronics are a sure winner for any woman looking to get something special for her man, and there are hundreds of unique electronic gifts that you can buy. Personalized watches, USB pens, and countless kinds of desk accessories for computer enthusiasts can all be fun presents that you can be fairly sure that he will enjoy.

You will find that many of the simplest electronics that you can purchase will be the perfect Valentine gift, as most men are on a constant search for new gadgets and fun toys that will 'make using their computer easier', or maybe even 'make their whole life easier'. Pipe dream or no, the fact is that these are the kind of Valentines Day gifts for men that 'the simpler sex' tends to enjoy.

If He Desires a Large Gift

If you know that he has been wanting something large, you may find that he will truly appreciate the present if you get it for him. You will need to do some discrete research to see if there is something that your man really wants, such as a tablet PC, a cell phone (smart phone), a camera, a special gadget, or anything else that you would probably consider 'a not-very-useful toy'.

It may be hard to find out exactly what he wants, including the model, specs, color, etc., and you may want to involve his best male friend in the project (he is highly likely to know what your man desires), but it will be well worth the effort.

Valentine Presents for Boys


Rather than being 'Valentine gifts for men', these kinds of Valentine gifts are actually 'Valentine presents for boys'. Boys will be boys, and grown men will be boys, too. Valentine presents for boys in the form of gadgets and electronic 'toys' may just be one of the best ways to make your man happy.

The truth about electronics is that most guys will be happy with even the simplest electronics. Most guys are usually on the lookout for cools toys that they can use with the 'toys' they already play with, and most gadgets are simply treated as one more awesome toy in the collection. Most guys will love the present of any kind of gadget, no matter how simple it may seem.

Whether you want to make Valentine gifts for men out of a digital watch, a gadget for his iPhone, or a brand new computer gadget, your man is much more likely to appreciate your gift if, at first, it seems too complicated for him to understand (also it helps if it can make sounds and is able to be plugged in to another device).

'Valentine presents for boys' indeed! :-)


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