Free Printable Valentine Cards and Pictures & Inspirational Valentine's Poems

• Welcome to this exquisite collection of free printable Valentine cards for you to see, enjoy and share with your loved one. 

• Some of these beautiful Valentines Day pictures are created in a modern style and consist of artistic photos with inspirational Valentine poems or Valentine greetings written on them.

• Other Valentines Day cards are charming old vintage Valentine cards some of which are more than a 100 years old and have been painted or drawn by e.g. talented Victorian artist.

• If you're here to find some sweet, short and rhyming Valentine poems to put in your own special Valentine card, you will find plenty of great examples on the Valentine images. :-)

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Printable Cards and Invitations for Valentine's Day and Other Celebrations!

Inspiration and Ideas of What to Do With Your Valentine Cards

Since you're here you probably have an idea that you want to find one or perhaps a couple of Valentine cards that are good and clear enough to print.

But perhaps you haven't yet thought about what to do once you've printed out that special card.

Here are a few ideas that might inspire you:

  • First of all we recommend that you use some thick, and preferably glossy paper to print on. You see, the printing result is just so much better on real photo paper than on ordinary copying paper.

  • When you have printed out your chosen Valentine cards and cut them out, you can bring them down to the local bookstore or wherever you might buy office accessories in the country you live in. Then hold your printed Valentines card against pieces of cardboard in different colors and find one that matches yours. Buy that one, go home and glue your Valentine picture on the cardboard so that the cardboard makes a small colorful frame around the Valentine image.

  • Turn it around and write your Valentine message on the back of the card. You can make up something yourself that is very personal for the both of you or you may simply scroll down this page or click on one of the other Valentine cards pages above and find your favorite Valentine poem and write that one it. We promise you, you will find lots of inspiration for love poems for Valentines Day

  • Once you've complete your homemade Valentine card, it is time to consider how your loved one should find or received your Valentine greeting. You can always choose to send it via snail mail - everybody loves to find personal letters on their doormat. Or you can choose to hide your card a special place that will pleasantly surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. E.g. stick it in the cupboard so it falls out when the door is opened, inside the laptop so it is found when it is opened etc. Just think of what your loved one does everyday, routines, and find an amusing and surprising way of making your love felt.

Guidelines and Conditions of Use for These Valentine Cards

These printable Valentine cards are all .JPG files.

In order for you not have to spend ages waiting for all images to appear on the screen, all Valentine picture are of approximately 100 KB - which gives you a pretty high visual quality.

It is quite easy to get your favorite card onto your pc. You just right click on your chosen image, choose the 'save image as' option (or something similar - the specific wording will depend on your browser) and choose a saving location on your pc.

That's it! It doesn't get any more simple than that!

We really hope you will enjoy this page of free Valentine cards. Please respect that these Valentines cards are for your own private purpose and pleasure only. They are not to be used for commercial purposes. Thank you :-)

So go on explore our varied, broad and free printable Valentine Cards collection - there should be something for every mood and every stylistic preference.

Free printable valentine cards in a modern style: Photo of rose petals forming a heart.

Modern Printable Valentine Cards and Rhyming Valentine Poems
Beautiful photo of red rose petals forming a heart lying on a layer or background of white rose petals.

'Sweet heart of mine,
You are my Valentine'

Free Valentine cards to print. Vintage Valentine image of little boy and girl with tennis racquets.

Old Vintage Valentines Card and Short Love Poems for Valentines Day
Sweet old drawing of little boy in white with a tennis racquet and little girl in pink sitting on a bench looking at each other.

'Only suppose,
If he should propose'

Old antique looking Valentines Day picture of woman in red toga holding several cupids on a string.

Beautiful Valentines Cards to Print
Old vintage Valentines Day picture. Woman with long dark hair and a red toga or dress holding six little cupids on strings.

'Prang's Valentine Cards'

Two cupids with colorful butterfly wings holding bow and arrows on a free printable Valentine card.

Vintage Valentines Day Cards with Valentine Greetings
Old drawing of two little cupids with orange and yellow butterfly wings and bows and arrows. The cute cupids are standing and sitting on a cloud surrounded by red hearts, yellow and pink roses and pink ribbons.

'To my Valentine'

Free printable Valentines. Photo of glasses with red wine, tuplips and two white hearts.

Modern Valentine Cards to Print and Sweet Valentine Thoughts
Clear photo of two glasses of red wine decorated with white hears and red tulips.

'Be my Valentine'

Cute Valentine Cards to print: Little cupid holding a picture with a woman and lots of purple pansies forming a heart.

Picturesque Valentines Day Cards and Rhyming Valentine Poems
Charming vintage Valentine image featuring a little blond cupid with wings and armed with a love letter. The cupid is holding a picture of a woman with hat and blue ribbon inside a heart of purple and blue pansies.

'Tis a heart of pansy bloom,
All made of thoughts sublime,
To you it's sent to ask a boom
Will't be my Valentine'

Cupid lying inside red heart on free printable Valentine postcards in old vintage style.

Old Vintage Valentines Pictures
Little cupid lying inside red heart that has been torn open like paper. A basket of red hearts and arrows held by a red ribbon.

'To my Valentine'

Cute vintage Valentine cards to print. Three children looking inside wooden chest and finding love letters.

Sweet Vintage Valentine Cards and Short, Rhyming Valentine Poems
Cute Valentine picture of three children looking inside old wooden box.

'True Love's Greeting'

'May your fond love in favor shine,
On him who sends this Valentine'

Free printable Valentine Card: Old style card with roses and Valentine Poems.

Colorful Valentines Day Pictures and Love Poems for Valentines Day
Decorative Valentine graphic with a Valentine poem in the middle written with an old almost gothic writing style. A border of flowers consisting of pink and yellow roses and small yellow flowers.

'Sweet as of old,
Yet ever new,
These flowers convey
My love to you'

Free Valentines Day Pictures. Sharp photo of pebbles forming a heart on the sand on the beach.

Modern Valentine Photo Card
Photo of stones forming a heart. The heart of stones is lying on rough sand on the beach.

'Be mine
For Valentine'

Litlle girl in red standing outside in the snow. There's a letter at the door. Vintage Valentine cards to print.

Vintage Valentine Greeting Card and Rhyming Valentine Poems
Little girl in red winter's jacket standing outside in the snow. Love letter delivered at the door.

'Valentine Greeting'

'I put this letter at your door
A token that I love you more,
Than tongue can tell or words define
And I want you for my Valentine.'

Old Valentine Card made during the war. Little girl holding a heart with a love poem for Valentines Day.

Old Wartime Valentine Cards and Short Love Poems for Valentines Day
Sweet old drawing of little girl with blue hat and pink ribbon holding a heart with a love poem and the flags for the U.S., Great Britain and France.

'Soldier boy
So brave and fine,
Will you be
My Valentine?'

Very old Valentines Day picture of man kissing a woman's hand. Valentine cards to print.

Old Colonial Free Printable Valentine Card and Valentine Greeting
Colorful drawing of man kissing woman's hand inside a heart. In the background there's a garden with green grass, a watering can, a solar clock and possibly cherry trees in full bloom.

'To my Dear Valentine'

Free printable Valentine cards with photo of purple flowers and short Valentine greeting.

Modern Valentine's Day picture for Sweet Valentine Thoughts
Photo of pink or purple flowers with yellow center.

'For my Valentine'

Free Valentines Day pictueres to print. Woman protecting herself with a green umbrella as it is raining with hearts.

Old Style Vintage Valentine Greeting Card
Woman with green umbrella standing in a rain or shower of red hearts. Also lots of pretty pansies in purple and white or yellow and brown.

'Valentine Message'

Beautiful Valentine graphics with red hearts inside red hearts and a Valentine poem for Valentines Day.

Simple Valentines Day Graphic with Short Valentine Poems
Sharp and clean Valentine clip art. Red hearts inside red hearts.

'My heart for you,
My Valentine True'

Free printable Valentine card: Woman in profile inside a heart. Pink flowers in the background and written Valentine greeting.

Old Vintage Valentines Cards with Valentine Greetings
Woman inside heart with pink flowers on a greenish grey background.

'To my own dear Valentine'

Free Valentines Day pictures with a little girl in a hat in front of a big red heart.

Free Printable Valentine's Cards and Love Poems for Valentines Day
Old drawing of young girl with a rose on a white hat. Bright red heart as background.

'Smiles and kisses most are needed
In the winter time.
That's the reason I have pleaded
Be my Valentine'

Little girl holding red roses in a pot shaped as a red heart. Lovely printable Valentines.

Free Valentines Day Images and Rhyming Valentine Poems of Love
Little girl in white dress, red shoes and red bow holding a heart shaped pot with three red roses.

'My heart's a posy
Blooming for you,
With love all rosy
Fragrant and true!'

Colorful Valentines Photo card with red and yellow tulips and short Valentine greeting.

Pretty Printable Valentines and Sweet Valentine Thoughts
Sharp photo of red and yellow tulips making a pretty frame around the Valentine greeting.

'My true Valentine'

Free printable Valentine postcards in vintage style. Drawing of pink rose with woman's head in the middle and cute Valentine poem.

Old Valentine Greeting Cards and Short Valentine Poetry
Artistic Valentines card with dark haired woman inside pink rose. Two red hearts pierced by an arrow.

'If I were a rose in the garden
All trembling wet with dew,
I'd lift my eyes to my Valentine
And tell him I was true.'

Beatitful Valentine cards to print. White roses forming a heart.

Printable Valentine Pictures with Short Valentine Greeting
9 white roses forming a heart on a purple background.

'My sweet Valentine'

Cute vintage Valentines cards of little boy hugging little girl in a red dress. Free printable Valentine cards.

Cute Valentine Images and Lovely Valentine Poems
Little boy in green giving little girl in red dress a hug. Pretty frame of red / pink flowers.

'To my Valentine'

'If you could look into my heart
And see the love that's there,
Then turn it into money
You would be a millionaire'

Funny Valentine card to print. Little boy holding dog with a love letter on a leash.

Funny Vintage Valentines Cards and Cute Poems for Valentine's Day
Little boy in olive green clothes and hat holding little white puppy with green bow on a string. The little dog is carrying a Valentine heart in its mouth.

'He doesn't com to bite you,
This little dog of mine,
But simply to invite you
To be my Valentine'

'Will you be mine?'


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