Blue feather pen to write romantic Valentine cards.

Sweet Valentine Poems for You to Use in Your Valentines Day Cards

Light up the fire under your Valentine with these cute and romantic Valentine poems of love.  

Make sure Valentine's Day becomes the brightest star of the year. Let it shine the spotlight on love - excellent and desired by all.

Following are lots and lots of sweet Valentines Day poems. These romantic poems are all free love poems which means that you may use them for any private endeavor you wish - such as enchanting your loved one.

Jump right in and enjoy them, they will get you ready to enjoy Valentines Day to the full.

Sweet Valentine Poem No. 1

The following Valentines Day poems are cute love poems about the deep desires that come into play on this exceptional day.

I am collecting Valentines,
Some red, some green, some blue,
Some big, some small, all very fine
And I am going to give them all to you.

~ ~

In this first poem the person in love is collecting Valentines for his beloved. Just like there are different ways of showing love to a beloved someone, there are different kinds of Valentines.

The red Valentines could represent romantic passion and express true desire toward the person he or she is enraptured with.

The green Valentines could be an example of the things a person could do to nurture, fuel and grow the love relationship, just like green buds grow in the springtime.

The blue Valentines could emphasize relaxed and cool attitudes between lovers, just like the smooth ocean waves on a calm, breezy day.

The things that enrich love, especially on Valentines Day, can be small things with large potentialities or big things that stand out as memories to be forever remembered (maybe that special ring or that special question).

On Valentines' Day you'll never have to stand alone in your love affairs. One this special day every lover has a direct access to the emergency hotline of Mr. Cupid himself.

All you need to do is ask, or hope, or even dream, then take that big leap, the big chance that could land you a lifetime of happiness.

Valentine dear, I want you true.
Praying Cupid will get his bow,
Pull back his arrow, aim it at you
So love for me you will know.

~ ~

Innocent Romantic Poem No. 2

A single white rose in the morning light on a blue sky.

In the following romantic Valentine poems it shows that there are times when full-blown romance needs to wait for the appropriate time.

There is a longing to fulfill desire, but it will only be truly fulfilled at the right time, the decent time.

Without waiting, all might be lost. The rewards of waiting multiply as every minute slowly ticks by.

Your love is so pure,
Whitest of whites.
Teddy bear's fur
And cleanest of nights.

For you I will wait
To grow up mature.
An innocent date
Love and nurture.

Until you are ready
For my love for you.
I will be steady,
A friend so true.

~ ~

Romantic Poem No. 3

Romantic Valentine hearts: Red hearts graphic.

Another name for Valentines Day is All Hearts Day. Whatever you call this special day, All Hearts Day or Valentines Day, poems help express that this is a day of love.

This day involves hearts, candy, love and flowers galore, not to mention joy and fulfillment, and maybe sadness in some cases.

The following romantic poems that are Valentines Day poems, there is an expression of desiring that the love relationship continue long past All Hearts Day or Valentines Day, even forever.

It is All Hearts Day
With flowers all around.
Please tell me, just say
You will always be 'round.

~ ~

Hold my hand as I sway.
Look into my eyes and truly say
"I will be with you this Valentines Day".

And when the sun comes up tomorrow
I will be with you, so never feel sorrow
Let's celebrate the now as time is on borrow

~ ~

Romantic Valentine Poems: Photo of long red rose.

Will you be my Valentine?
Will you be fully mine?
All the way,
Every day?

~ ~

All Hearts Day is good.
Even better if you would
Be my steady date
And forever soul mate.

~ ~

For every Valentines Day
I want you to be mine.

For every spring day
I want you to be mine.

For every summer day
I want you to be mine.

For every Thanksgiving Day
I want you to be mine.

For every winter day
I want you to be mine.

For every Christmas Day
I want you to be mine.

For every New Years Day
I want you to be mine.

For each and every day
I want you to be mine.

~ ~

Funny Poem No. 4

What is important, just love, or is provision an important issue also?

How important is provision when compared to the importance of love?

Do we have to admit that a little money as well as love is a good thing?

Do people really live on love?

In this type of funny Valentines Day poem both are offered.

I will spend Valentines Day with you,
Nothing else will do.
Valentines Day is your day.
I will do everything you say.
Be my valentine, honey.
I will give you me ... and my money!

~ ~

Sad Love Poem No. 5

Valentines Day poems can also be sad.

Valentines Day holds great expectations of having love and joy. When love and joy are not there, it is magnified on a day like Valentines Day.

Poems of the sad type are as much a part of Valentines Day as the happy, fulfilled ones.

Young girl thinking

I know it's Valentines Day
And there is the girl I love,
My shoulders are heavy weigh
And I just can't seem to say
Anything well-thought-of.

I know it's Valentines Day
And there is the man I love.
But I am nervous, oh dear pray,
Please let me be able to say
Something romantic hereinabove.

How will these two ever
Get over it and get together?
It saddens my heart
To see them apart.
Their love unrequited forever.

~ ~

Valentines Day is torture this time
You're no longer here, no longer mine.
I lost you somehow, you set yourself free
Ran to others arms, threw away love's key.

~ ~

Sweet, Cute Valentine Love Poem No. 6

Cute Valentine Poems: Sexy girl looking to the side, in profile from above.

Cute love poems are very much a part of Valentines Day poems.

Cute poems may both raise our spirits with their lightness and sweetness and at the same time carry a message that can be as deep and wise as you contemplate it to be.

There is nothing like a poem to set your thoughts free and pilot your passion to where you want it to go:

I saw a brawny strong guy.
He definitely caught my eye.
Since it's Valentines Day
I can't resist but to say
To him that he must be mine.

~ ~

Valentines Day has an effect you see.
Fuelling the passion of the birds and bees.
Hearts want to bud, love wants to bloom,
The nectar of life, so sweet the perfume.

~ ~

Creative Romatic Poem No. 7

Let Valentines Day bring out the creative in you. Everyone is creative in some way - that is how we are made. Everyone has a natural desire to create something unique, all his or her own idea.

Making your own Valentine cards, complete with free love pomes, can fulfill this deep desire and bring bounties of joy not only for you but for those you love too.

I want to make my own Valentine
So it will be original, totally mine.
I got all exhilarated
And became creative
And made the most beautiful Valentine.

~ ~

Short Valentine Poem No. 8

Below are free love poems you can use on Valentines day cards as free Valentines Day poems.

Reading these may inspire you to make up some of your own poems about Valentines Day and the one or ones you love.

Lots of red tulips.

Below are free love poems you can use on Valentines day cards as free Valentines Day poems.

Reading these may inspire you to make up some of your own poems about Valentines Day and the one or ones you love.

Valentine kisses
For my Misses.

~ ~

To see you
Is to love you.

~ ~

You have my heart,
So don't tear it apart.

~ ~

Valentines Day is a treasure.
I will love you forever.

~ ~

As fish are to the sea
So you are to me.

~ ~

I am proud for them to see
That you are lovely, and with me.

~ ~

Cute Poem No. 9

Valentines Day is a day of anticipation and hope.

Does someone love me that I am not aware?

Do I love someone who does not know of my love?

The possibilities are titillating. :-)

I received a secret Valentine.
Who sent it? And is it true?
Someone does love me this time,
But who is it? Is it you?

~ ~

Valentines Day can be a sneak.
It can tip toe up to your heart
And take a sneaky peak.

Will Valentines Day find room for me
To plant my love in your heart?
If so, very grateful I will be.

~ ~

Sweet Valentine Poem No. 10

Happy woman day dreaming with her eyes closed.

Love can be so strong it feels like it may take you away to another land, a land flowing with love and passion.

A place where the paradox of time is most obviously felt: time doesn't really exist - and yet it is both standing still and rushing by. All at the same time.

In this poem of the type of Valentines Day poems that are romantic poems, you will get a feeling of this magical place:

Your mouth is like a water lily
Ready to open to me.
Your waist is like soft ivory
Wanting a touch, so free.

Your beauty takes me somewhere else.
My love is drawn to you.
I want to bring you to my house
And become one from two.

Then all the earth will fly away.
Nothing else will exist
Except the two of us as one.
All the earth is love kissed.

~ ~

Valentine Poem for Kids No. 11

Valentines Day is usually celebrated in the public and private schools each year.

In the elementary schools the class will usually exchange Valentines and even give a special Valentine to the teacher.

It is great fun for all, and even sometimes it is an opportunity to advance.

In these Valentines Day poems are described Valentine opportunities and joys at school.

I went to my school today
And gave my Valentines away,
But much to my surprise
I couldn't even surmise.
I received back more than I gave away!

~ ~

I gave my teacher a red heart,
Hoping she would set me apart
From all the other kids
So I would get a head start.

~ ~

Be my Valentine at school.
That would be really cool.

~ ~

Humorous Valentine Day Poem No. 12

Funny Valentine Poems: Man in black with big red plastic heart as a head.

We will bring this to a close with one of the funny love poems for Valentines Day. Poems can be funny to the ridiculous. Ending things on a funny note does bring joy to the heart and good spirits to the mind.

Should we try to get our minds out of the serious thought mode long enough to enjoy life for awhile, or notice something that is in plain sight but we don't see it because our minds are so occupied and so focused inward it got totally missed?

Loosen up, let go, enjoy life for just a little while.

Don't be afraid to let it all go for awhile, it will still be there when you go back to "serious" thinking.

Do you think getting your mind off of these matters could make things more clear and easier to understand once you break away from these thoughts and give them some room to come into clarity from the muddled confusion of over-thinking?

Enjoy yourself, if even for a moment or two!

I met a man named Raymond.
His home is in Grand Caiman.
He had a bold tan,
A great gorgeous man
I made him mine, this Raymond.

~ ~

Happy Valentines Day!

Enjoy these Valentine poems of the type of cute love poems, romantic poems, love poems and free love poems, short sweet love poems, sad love poems, short love poems and Valentines Day poems.

Let these Valentines Day poems set you free to enjoy the Valentines Day holiday to the maximum.

Participate in the day; don't let it just fly by without you. You have something unique to add to this special day.

Give what you have to those loved ones and the ones you care about and even the ones you would like to start a relationship. The possibilities of Valentines Day are endless. Take a chance to enrich your life with the pleasure that comes from opening up to people and finding out the treasures they possess, and you possess.

Let go and enjoy, be free and fun, be a Valentines Day fan!


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