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Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Looking for Valentines Day gifts for him? Gifts for men and gifts for boyfriends can be a challenge. Get tips on Valentine presents for men and Valentines gifts for him right here. 

As a woman Valentine's Day may be mostly for you, but that doesn't mean that you can't have fun getting him some gifts and doing special things for him, too. While you should certainly be showered with chocolate, roses, and romantic evenings on Valentine's Day, you should also consider doing something that shows him how much you love him.

The fact that you are doing something and getting a Valentine gift for him will remind him exactly why he fell in love with you in the first place, or, who knows, it may finally get him to do so if he has been taking his sweet time about it.

But what to get as the gift? Men can be so hard to shop for, especially when they have it all. There are a few things that you can keep in mind when shopping for the best Valentines Day gifts for him, things that will help you to get something special that he is sure to enjoy as a Valentine gift for man you love.

Make It Unique

Some folks who are together for a long time get into a habit concerning Valentine's Day. But why should that be you? Please don't resort to doing or getting the same thing year in and year out, but do what you can to surprise him with something special each year.

There are hundreds of unique ideas that you can use as a special gift for your husband or boyfriend on Valentine's Day, and these unique Valentines gifts (or gifts for boyfriends as the case may be) will sometimes be even better received than any gadget or sexy outfit that you may have - or time you may want to give him to himself.

You might consider:

Getting Him Tickets to His Favorite Sporting Event

Unique Valentine gift for him: Old football ticket, Barcelona.

Getting floor seats may cost a lot, but you can bet that he will love it.

Get Him Tickets for a Concert

... or other event he's interested in.

Letting Him do One of the Extreme Sports

... that he has been dying to do, and actually purchasing the entrance for him. Skiing, water skiing, snowboarding, parasailing, parachuting, and other extreme sports may seem crazy to you, but the fact that you are letting him do it will often be one of the best gifts that you can give him.

Get Him a Piece of Jewelry Made Just for Him

- whether it is a ring with something personalized inscribed, or a bracelet with the date that you first met on it or even a dog tag with a romantic message!

Get Him Something to Do with Drinking

Four different beer glasses og beer mugs.

For reasons unknown most men love drinking - whether it's beer or wine or margaritas, so why not get some drinking gear personalized just for him? Or simply get him the best drinks your money can buy.

There are hundreds of unique gifts, custom gifts and personalized gifts that you can get for him, and the best Valentines Day gifts for him, the greatest gift ideas for him that he will remember, will be the ones that show him you really know and respect him.

Showing your man that you respect him the way he is - that's much more important than you think. Respect is so much more important to men than it is to women - and as you know respect is pretty important to women.

It doesn't have to be an expensive gift, but you will find that something new and unique will be far more likely to make him happy than something that he gets every year.

In fact, getting him a unique present every Valentine's Day can start a tradition, and he may come to look forward to the special gifts that you will give him every year (or he may just get spoiled and demand something special every year, he he).

Give Him Freedom

Most men have a passion for feeling independent that most women don't really understand because they don't feel the same way themselves.

No matter if you have the urge for freedom yourself or not, you can be pretty sure that one thing that almost all guys want is a bit of time to themselves.

They may spend that time heading out with friends, or on a fishing trip (with friends or alone), or watching the Super Bowl (either alone or at their friends house), or doing something physical like sports, hiking, climbing, swimming etc., or spending an afternoon wasting time on their computer, car, Xbox, other gadget or in their hobby workshop.

Love coupon with Solo-me time.

If you want to give him a really special gift that will mean a lot to him, give him some time to himself.

Make it a nice love coupon that promises him solo me-time with no hard feelings on your part.

It doesn't matter what he does with that time, but let him know well in advance that he will have the entire day off on one weekend without you (or any kids you may have) putting pressure on him.

You may find that this is actually the best gift that you can give him, especially if he is a hard-working man that spends all week working and caring for you (and the kids, if you have any). Just being able to have a few hours to play golf, shoot some hoops at the park, tinker around with his old car, or spend time just doing nothing on his own is often enough to make your man whoop with joy.

Time is something precious to most hardworking men, and giving him this gift will be a great way to do something special.

Printable Romantic Coupons for Valentine's Day

Printable Romantic Coupons for Valentine's Day

Make it Sexy

Every guy dreams of his girlfriend doing something extra sexy for him on his birthday and Christmas, but who says Valentine's Day can't be another sexy holiday? So, why don't you dress up and surprise him?

Just because he has to shower you with gifts on this day doesn't mean that you can't give him the best gift of all: sexy looks, sexy behavior and last but not least, darn good sex!

There are many outfits that you can purchase online or at your local shopping mall, and it is well worth it to see the look of (let's go with 'gratitude') on his face when he sees you dressed up especially for him.

Love may be blind, but you can bet your sexy rear that he isn't (unless that is a disability he has, of course, in which case he'll likely be seeing with his hands instead - not at all a bad thing we guess). One of the best men's presents is a gift of the seductive persuasion.

Valentine Sexy Strip Game

Valentine Sexy Strip Game

Sexy Chinese maid

Dressing Up for Valentine's Day

Yes, you may not think that dressing up as a sexy maid, policewoman, car wash attendant, or nurse is very sexy, but if he likes that kind of thing you can bet your lacy, frilly, furry, or stocking boots that he sure will.

It may take some time and digging to find out what his fantasies are, but you will find that he will thank you for it in so many ways - many of them private and bedroom only.

No matter what kind of attire turns him on there are few gifts that he will find more enjoyable than seeing you dressed up for the occasion … well, okay, dressed down is actually the best way to say it.

Dressing Down for Valentine's Day

The truth is, of course, that to many men the fancy dresses and kinky underwear is just the icing on the cake and some men would much rather do without them - entirely.

Dressing down for Valentine's: sexy woman's legs.

Lots of men actually prefer seeing you in your 'birthday suit'. To such men you - just the way you are - are epitome of sexiness. If that is what he likes, you probably know it by now.

Why not cater to that love of your most basic and powerful sexiness and meet him at home naked, or, even more kinky, somewhere public but stark naked under a coat (provided the weather and temperature permit). We pretty much guarantee that he will love it - and you - to death if you do.

Go Electronic (Go, Go Gadget!)

Most guys love to get the gift of electronics, and you may find that you can get him great Valentines day gifts for boys by hitting your local electronics store.

Yes, he may seem to have it all, but there may be well something that he really wants but doesn't actually need. Most people will not purchase something that they want if they don't truly need it, unless it is something that they desperately want (adding "desperately" seems to make it a viable purchase in most men's mind).

It may be hard to buy the right electronics for him, but it can be done.

One of the best ways to figure out what he wants is to walk with him through an electronics store - sometime in late January, for example.

He will be pleased that you're willing to follow him around in such a boy's place, and you get the chance to find out what gadgets or toys he is most excited about, and see what makes him enjoy them. Talk with him about them, and surreptitiously take a picture of the item that he wants when his back is turned.

Then, you either get him to buy some other little trinket, or you tell him you can't afford it at the moment, and let him try to cover up his disappointment. Once Valentine's Day rolls around, sneak out to the electronics store and buy him that thing as a special surprise.

Ever wonder what men see in all their gadgets? They're boys, they like to play! If you want a comparison, guys love electronics in the same way that women love spas and beauty salons.

You getting him some nice piece of hardware that he has been lusting after for weeks or months will be a great way to surprise him with something that he really wants as Valentines gifts for boys.

You may know absolutely nothing about electronics, and that's okay, this is why you have to get him to show you what it is that he wants. Once he has shown you, just make sure that he doesn't buy it until you have time to get it as one of your special Valentines Day gifts for him.

Alternatively you can ally yourself with one of his best friends - that friend will know what gadgets your man dreams about.

Get Romantic

Two silver hearts on red background.

Romance is always the best part of Valentine's Day, and you may find that he is a hopeless romantic at heart that may enjoy a touch of romance.

If you suspect him of preparing something special for you on Valentine's Day, you shouldn't ruin his surprise.

However, you can add to the surprise by preparing something extra special and romantic for him once his surprise is finished.

For example:

- You suspect that he is planning to take you out to a fancy restaurant, so your dinner will be covered. However, you can still plan for a special romantic picnic in a park near your home. Pack a picnic basket full of strawberries, chocolate, cheese, crackers, wine, blankets, and a few extra surprises that he will enjoy.

- You suspect that flowers will be his gift to you (and an apology for his having to work late). This means that your evening is wide open, and you can go to his workplace and surprise him in some special outfit under a greatcoat.

- You know that he loves to cook a meal at home (and you can't ruin this surprise), but you can make it special by getting some fireworks set off that will be visible from your home.

These are some great Valentine gifts for guys that you can give him on this romantic holiday, and perhaps romantic gifts are exactly what he will enjoy if he truly is, way deep down (and surprised because being romantic is for ‘wimps'), a true romantic.

Make it Fun

Handsome man laughing.

Fun gifts are the ones that may make him smile. With most men these kinds of gifts are a hit. Why?

Well, first off because humor is food for the soul and good for your health (you know the expression laughter is the best medicine, right?), but also because, again, most men are really boys, so what you're actually looking for are Valentines day gifts for boys, big boys.

In the vein of 'laughter is the best medicine' you can sign your man up for laughter yoga. Yes, that's right - laughter yoga. You can google the concept. Bet you it's an ton of fun - so much fun, in fact, that you may want to sign both of you up.

You can also go more traditional and get him a giant teddy bear with a funny message embroidered in it.

Or you can also invite him for a special meal out in the middle of nowhere, and have some good old fashioned "necking" out in the middle of the woods on your picnic blanket.

Or you might take him to a fun movie that he has been dying to see, or get him over to the amusement park that he has wanted to visit for months. Take him bowling, or get his friends to come over and hang out all together on Valentine's Day evening.

The more fun the Valentine's Day activities are for him, the more likely he will be to remember who it was that planned everything (and will be sure to return the favor once things calm down and you get to your bedroom).

Giving him the chance to have fun on Valentine's Day will make it a lot more enjoyable for him, and he won't have to feel pressured to prepare something special for you every Valentine's Day.

Alternate the Valentine's Responsibility

In fact, you may find that alternating the responsibility for planning the special occasion from year to year can actually make it more fun.

If he feels that he has to do something special every year, then he may feel like he is running out of ideas after a few years. However, if he knows that you are going to be planning something for him every other year, then he has more incentive to make the day special when it's his turn.

Not only will he put more effort into the days that he has to plan, but it wouldn't be surprising if he also found some way to surprise you and do something special on the days that you are supposed to plan (just like you may do the same).

Go Custom and Make It Special for Him

The most important thing to remember is that the Valentines Day gifts for him should be just that: for him.

Getting him a gift doesn't have to be something expensive, as you may find that making something for him (different kinds of homemade presents) could be something he enjoys. Consider:

Romantic Valentines Day gifts for him: U star novels.

- A U-Star Romance Novel. That's a romance novel made with your name and his, and you choose the story line and the outcome of the novel.

This is a one-time thing, as there are not too many custom stories.

However, you may find that getting your own steamy novel made for him can provide you both with hours of (adult and very bedroom-related) fun.

- You may also want to consider hiring a comic artist to write a short comic with him as the hero. Most men will love that kind of thing, whether they are comics aficionados or not, just because it's so different.

- Drop a special romantic message in a bottle, have a friend throw it into the ocean or bury it in the sand, and "discover" it as you enjoy a relaxing walk by the beach. Your romantic message may also come with hints of things yet to come.

- Sign him up for a Beer of the Month club, and pay for the yearly subscription that will have him a sample of the best beers in the country sent to him every month. Or do the same with wine, if that's the way his preferences run.

- If he is a child at heart, you may find that a bobblehead doll with his likeness will be the perfect gift for him.

Having fun with getting the gift a great way to ensure that he will love it, and you will find that tailoring the 'Valentines day gifts for boys' to him will make the holiday that much more enjoyable.

Final Words

We salute you because you are looking for Valentine gift for your man. Not all women go to the trouble of showing their love for their man that way. You do, and that makes you special.

There are so many good ways to give your man a pleasant surprise, and if you didn't find what you were looking for here on this page, we have other pages with both different and similar ideas. Please look for the links for other Valentines Day gifts for him pages below.


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