Valentines Day gifts for men: Purple hearts.

Funny, Original or Sexy Valentines Day Gifts for Men

On Valentine's Day the focus tends to be on Valentine gifts for women, but Valentines Day gifts for men are no less important - even if they may seem harder to come up with. 

Valentine's Day is generally thought of as the day that he showers you with chocolates, flowers, and special outings while you get to sit back and act like the spoiled princess you will soon feel that you are.

The best thing about Valentine's Day is that he basically spends the entire day waiting on you hand and foot, and you can get away with anything short of the Seven Cardinal Sins (minus lust - that one's always a winner on Valentine's Day - when directed at the right person, that is). However, just because he is spoiling you doesn't mean that you have to sit back and let him do all the work (though it must be awesome to be a woman).

You Can Spoil Him Rotten, Too - If You Do It Right, He'll Love You for It

Woman kissing happy man on the cheek on Valentine's Day.

If Valentine's Day is approaching, don't automatically assume that he is the only one that will need to hand out the gifts. You should consider getting him some form of Valentines Day gifts for men, as that is one way that you can show him that you care about him too.

Most guys will be thrilled to get almost any kind of Valentine presents for men, as they have never gotten more than a few batting eyelashes as a reward for all the hard work they have put into surprising their women.

In order to be a unique woman, one who actually goes out of her way to give something back to the man that is trying so hard to please you, consider one of the following Valentines Day gifts for men as a great gift idea for him this Valentine's Day.

 Unique Gift Ideas for Men Man in apron cooking with a grill.

Rather than getting him something that he already has, why not think about getting him some unique Valentine presents for men that he will enjoy? Here are a few ideas that you can use to get him some special Valentines Day gifts for men: 

A Brand New Grill

Many guys dream of having their own BBQ setup at home, and you may find that getting him a grill can be a great way to encourage him to explore his cooking skills (provided he lives in a house with a garden or an apartment with a balcony - a grill is no good in an apartment without a balcony).

You could consider a portable grill as well, as that may give him the chance to take it around with him when he goes camping or fishing. Still, any kind of grill is a Valentines Day gifts for men, especially if your man loves to get his BBQ on.

Funny SignsFunny Valentine gifts for men: Funny sign, yellow: Pay and Display.

Some guys love funny signs that they can put on their door or around their room, and you may find that these funny signs will be the perfect present for him.

It doesn't matter if the signs are ironic, sarcastic, or just plain funny; you will find that he will love the signs almost as much as he loves the fact that you took time to think about getting him something he wants as a special Valentines Day gift for him.


If your man is a fan of any of the trilogies or quadrilogies currently popular, you may find that getting him the Director's Cut or Extended Version of Spiderman, Die Hard, Lord of the Rings, Blade, or Harry Potter will be a great way to spoil him with a Valentine gift for man.

While you may think it is ridiculous for him to watch the same movies over and over, odds are he doesn't and will love the present and think it is the best gifts for boyfriend that you have ever gotten him as he watches it for the 15th time.

Clothes for Men

Remember that getting him clothes is not about getting him something that you like, but getting gifts for man that he will like. Whether it is a functional piece of clothing that he wants, a jersey with his team's logo and colors, or a funny ironic T-shirt, make sure that you get him something that he will like.

Please don't shop only for what will look good on him or serve a purpose. Valentines gifts for him are best if you just get him whatever you know he will like.

HatGrey wollen hat with band.s

Many guys have a terrible habit of wearing the same hats for years on end, and their hats eventually end up looking like someone dropped a rag on their head.

If you are sick of seeing him wear the same hat year in and year out, you may want to consider getting him a new hat from the local mall or clothing store (or online).

Make sure that you choose one that you know will fit his head as well as it fits is personality, and you may find that he will treasure that hat until it too is in terrible condition and completely destroyed.

BeerBeer bottle and beer glasses.

Almost all guys love beer (other than the ones that drink wine or those that only drink beer to be sociable but secretly hate beer and would much rather drink cocktails with the little umbrellas in them), but you may find that getting him a six pack of beer may not be the best way to spoil him with a Valentine gift for man.

Rather, consider visiting a local brewery and getting a microbrewery brand of beer that he has never heard of.

Or sign him up for a Beer of the Month club. It may be costly, but he is likely to love getting a fresh, unique beer delivered to his home every month.


This is an excellent alternative to beer. Many of those men who don't like beer love good wine.

Universal Remote Control

Men love to feel like they are in control of everything at home, and the television is one of the most important things for them to take charge of. If your man is sick of trying to sort through all the remotes that he has in the house to find the one to turn off the "stupid Blu-Ray player", you should definitely think about getting him a universal remote that will control all of the devices with the press of a few buttons.

A Getaway

He may not be big on doing outdoor activities or going on long trips, but he may actually enjoy some form of getaway to a place that is not too far.

You may want to consider a cruise from a port near you, a trip to a beautiful cabin in the mountains, or a few nights in a hotel in town if he isn't as adventurous as you are.

You should be able to find any number of getaways in your area, and you may find that this trip can start a beautiful tradition of shared experiences away from home.

HeadphonesGreat Valentines Gifts for him: Man lying down with headphones relaxing.

A surprising number of men have absolutely no time to themselves, as they are so busy playing video games, going to and from work, and being model boyfriends (in their minds) that they never have a moment to just sit and enjoy some serious slacking.

If that is a complaint that you have been hearing recently, you may want to consider getting him a pair of noise-canceling headphones that will enable him to shut out all the distracting noise around him as he takes some hardcore down-time.

Or, you might get him some real high quality headphones that he can use when listening to music or while playing computer games (or even while watching TV). This is one of those Valentine gifts for men that should rightly be called Valentines presents for boys.

Drinking GearDrinking gear - four shot glasses as a Valentine gift.

If your man takes his drinking seriously, you may find that getting him some drinking stuff will be a great way to spoil him on Valentine's Day with some Valentines Day gifts for him.

Consider a set of shot glasses, a martini shaker, or a wine bottle set (if his tastes run towards wine rather than beer) - as gifts for boyfriends go this really isn't a bad idea. As this year's gifts for men on Valentine you can give him some great drinking gear gifts that will make his drinking just that much more enjoyable.


Oh, yes, most men love to fiddle with the latest gadgets, and you may find that your husband or boyfriend is dying for the latest iPad, smart phone, digital watch or any other electronic doodad that he has seen online and is secretly (or: not so secretly) pining for.

If you don't know of any gadgets that you can get him, why not consider getting him a case or protector for one of the gadgets that he already has? After all, getting him the protective case will help to protect his electronics from his own clumsiness and forgetfulness, which means the gadget may last a good deal longer, which will save money in the long run.


You may find that your man spends a good deal of time moping about the games that he hasn't played in a number of years, as he no longer owns them. If you want to get him something nice (and get him to shut up!), you should consider getting him a game or three.

There are a number of classic that you can get him like Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed, and you may find that these games are exactly what he has wanted for years.

BooksPhoto of pages in open book.

While not all guys enjoy reading a good book, you may find that your man has a book or two that he may really enjoy.

Take him to a bookstore to ‘browse' the different options, and see which sections he gravitates towards.

Talk with him and see which books he really likes or would like to read, and get him that book or set of books as Valentines Day gifts for him.


Most guys can think back to their years as a child and teenager, and many of them idolized superheroes like Batman, Captain America, the X-Men, or the Justice League.

If your boyfriend or husband is a bit of a closet nerd, you may be able to catch him reading or staring longingly at comics that he used to love as a kid. Getting him a comic book (or graphic novel if he pretends to not like comics) is a great way to encourage him to enjoy doing those things that make him happy. This is another of those Valentines day presents for boys that girls/women seem to have trouble understanding why men like.

USB Drive

USB drives are coming in all shapes and sizes, and getting him a bigger, better or more funny looking USB drive could a great way to give him a practical and functional gift.

Or, you might pick some other USB device, such as a USB watch, a USB pen, or any other form of USB device will be a great present for him, as it is two presents in one. It may not matter if the USB thingy itself is small or large; the mere fact that it is a USB drive integrated into another gadget will have him fascinated.


Not all guys will like the traditional paintings by Picasso or Van Gogh (which is fine, because not all girls can afford them, either), but you may be able to find some more contemporary pieces that he will really enjoy.

You may find some art décor will be the perfect addition to the home, and you can spice up the place with an elegant painting or framed picture.

Sexy Gift Ideas

All guys love to see their girlfriends looking sexy, and you may find that adding some seduction will make them much more popular than any other Valentines gifts for him. Here are a few suggestions:

LingerieSexy Valentine presents for men: lingerie, underpants on woman.

Always a popular choice with men, lingerie is sure to make your boyfriend feel very special on this day.

Granted, the lingerie will be worn by you, but you will find that a new baby doll, nightie, pair of cheekies, lacy bra and panties set, or pretty much anything that barely covers everything will be the perfect way to show him a good time.

For lots of men Valentines gifts for him don't get any better.

Sexy Games

A sexy game or two can be the perfect Valentines gifts for him on this Valentine's Day, and for added joy you will both enjoy the games together. There are hundreds of sexy games that you can play to heat up your sex life, and he may appreciate something like this much more than he ever would any new phone or gadget.

After all, he does love to see you doing sexy things, and the thought of playing a game with strict rules that have to be followed means that he may end up seeing you doing just that.

Valentine Sexy Strip Game

Valentine Sexy Strip Game

Sexy FoodSexy food: Chocolate dipped strawberry.

Most women don't think that food can be sexy, but you may find that he has a different idea. After all, the things he can do with strawberries, chocolate sauce or body paint, honey, or whipped cream can definitely be imaginative.

While it may mean that you have to shower once the games are done, you can rest assured the time between applying the food and washing it off will certainly be enjoyable.

Also, serving him some wonderfully tasting delicacies for the sheer joy of the taste - or a full meal of a type he loves but doesn't get very often - can be just the thing for many guys.

Love Coupons

Basically love coupons are a promise of lovely things to come. Love coupons make great valentine gifts for men, and you can make out a coupon for anything that you know your loved one desires, including anything sexy.

Sexy Behavior (Love Making)

Yep, men love pretty much everything to do with sex ... particularly the action part (making love). Most men can't get enough of it. So that's always an option. From lap dance to blow job to intercourse ... when it comes right down to it most men couldn't wish for any kind of Valentine gifts for men that they'd like better than love making.

Set Your Mind Free and Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Go nuts with your ideas for Valentines Day gifts for men, let your imagination run wild. Odds are that that the more creative ideas you come up with will be the ones that he will enjoy the most.


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