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• Before embarking on the journey down this free Valentines Day cards gallery, we'd like to share with you some insights into the symbolic meaning of some of the typical elements you'll find on Valentines Cards, namely angels and roses. What are they doing there and what do they mean? Read on and find out!

Printable Cards and Invitations for Valentine's Day and Other Celebrations!

The Sly Motive of the Innocent Looking Angels on Valentines Cards

Free Valentines card with cupids with bow and arrows: Here he is pulling a push cart filled with red hearts.

Many vintage Valentine cards feature sweet little angels typically naked or covering their privates with a strategically well placed piece of cloth. (You know, full heads on nakedness wouldn't go well in the old uptight Victorian England in the 1900s)

Anyway, if you see an angel on a Valentines Day card that is holding a bow and arrow, you are probably looking at a symbolic representation of the god Cupid.

The sweet Cupid like figure has two mythological roots - a Roman and Greek.

In Roman mythology Cupid (or Amor) is the son of Venus (Goddess of love and beauty). Cupid is also all about love but he is less platonic that his famous mother. You see, Cupid is the God of passionate love, affectionate desire and eroticism.

In Greek mythology our sweet, round and well-nourished angel is called Eros and anyone who happens to be shot by one of Eros' piercing arrows will be filled with lust, passion and desire.

A hundred plus years ago the men were always the 'hunters' - the ones to send Valentines Day cards to the women they fancied. For a woman to send a man Valentine greeting would have been a bit too bold back in the Victorian days.

Therefore on Valentine pictures the happy chubby Cupid will often be aiming at the woman in order for her to finally open her eyes get caught by a hurricane of desire for the lucky man who sent the card.

The Meaning of the Rose and a Guide to Finding the Right Color

Picture of a red rose.

Just like small angels, the rose is a very popular mythological symbol.

The goddess of love and beauty, Venus (in Roman mythology), Aphrodite (in Greek mythology) was really into roses. So much so that that a rose was her 'earthy' representation or symbol.

Now if you're considering sending the person of your dreams one or a few roses, it might be wise to get yourself acquainted with the symbolic meaning of their colors.

You see, sending a yellow rose conveys entirely different intentions than sending your prospected lover a pink or red rose.

And surely, you don't want to say "I want to be your friend" when you actually mean, "God, I fancy you and want you now!"

So enlighten yourself and find out the the meaning of the color of the roses:

The symbolic meaning of red roses on Valentines: "I hold you dear and love you! Will you be mine for Valentine?"

The symbolic meaning of deep pink roses or coral roses on Valentines: "Geez, you're hot! I want you ... now!"

The symbolic meaning of light pink roses on Valentines: "You're a real cutie pie! Will you be my sweetheart?"

The symbolic meaning of white roses on Valentines: "You're serene like an angel. May I have the pleasure of gallantly escorting you on Valentine's Day?"

The symbolic meaning of yellow roses on Valentines: "You're my best friend, like a sister to me. Shall we drop the whole senseless Valentine stuff, drink a beer and watch a movie?"

The symbolic meaning of blue roses on Valentines: "I don't know why I bother, you're unattainable and too good for me anyway!"

Okay enough talk for now!

Leaving the scene for some lovely Valentine Cards - some of which are also of so high a quality that they are ideal as printable Valentines cards. (Please note that while we encourage you to use these Valentine cards for your private endeavors, they are not to be used for commercial purposes. Thank you!)

The Free Valentines Cards Gallery

Free Valentines cards: Light pink flowers with sharp pink vertical lines.

Free Valentine Card with Valentine Greetings
Beautiful photo of light pink flowers with dark pink stripes.

'Happy Valentine's'

Free Valentines Day cards in simple style: Small white and blue flowers, two red hearts and a sweet Valentine greeting message.

Free Valentines Day Cards with Sweet Valentine Greetings
Simple Valentine card with small white and blue flowers, two hearts pierced by an arrow and a love poem for Valentines in the middle.

'May all the Valentine days to come bring to you the loving thoughts and good wishes that will make you happy.'

Valentine Pictures: Cute picture of two children looking at a cottage. Cute love poems for Valentines day.

Free Valentine Cards in Vintage Style with Cute Love Poems for Valentines Day
Little girl in red hat and white dress and little boy in hat brown hat standing on a hill looking at a small house.

'I scorn you love in a cottage
They're all out of style you know
But since I'm in love with you awfully
We'll have it in a bungalow'

Free Valentines postcards in vintage style: man and woman standing together under a big red umbrella.

Old Vintage Valentine Pictures and Love Poems for Valentines Day
Drawing of man in blue pants and woman in white dress standing together under a big, red umbrella.

'Valentine Greetings'

'Either rain or shine
Or any other weather
Would suit me fine,
If we could be together'

Beautiful Valentine Pictures: Photo of iron heart with white wings hanging on brown wooden boards.

Free Valentines Picture and Kind Valentine Thoughts
Photo of iron heart with wings hanging on wooden boards.

'To my Valentine'

Many Valentine cards feature cupids. Here is a cute cupid with butterfly wings and lots of purple flowers forming a heart.

Vintage Valentine Pictures
Old Valentine Card featuring a love cupid with pretty butterfly wings unveiling a heart made of purple flowers and white marguerites. Also two white doves flying.

'To my Valentine'

Free Valentines Day cards in very old style: Antique card with gold decorations.

Very Old Valentines Day Cards with Short Rhyming Valentine Poems
Golden decorations, small flowers and a grey dove in the middle.

'My dearest Miss
I send thee a kiss'

Brown heart made of brown coffee beans. Example of free Valentine card in modern style.

Modern Free Valentine Postcards to Print and Short Love Poems for Valentines Day
Sharp photo of heart made of coffee beans on white background.

'My heart to you
My Valentine true'

Free Valentines Cards: Cute drawing of little boy in green with big bouquet of roses.

Free Valentines Day Cards and Sort of Rhyming Valentine Poems
Cute drawing of little boy in green with hat in one hand and a bouquet of reddish roses in the other.

'Be assured 'tis you or none
That I love and love alone'

Free Valentines Day cards to print: Old vintage card of young girl inside heart.

Valentine Pictures and Love Poems for Valentines Day
Old Valentine card with a portrait of a young woman or girl in pink and white bonnet inside a red heart with blue bows.

'To my best Love'

'Take my heart, for it is thine,
And let me be your Valentine'

Modern Valentine pictures: Valentine graphic of lots of red hearts.

Free Valentines Day Cards in Modern Style with Valentine Greetings
Valentine graphic with lots of hearts on red striped background.

'Endless Valentine Thoughts'

Free Valentine cards gallery: Drawing of two roses, a red rose and a pink rose.

Free Valentine Cards and Valentine Messages
Old vintage drawing of two red roses held together by a pink ribbon surrounded by a border of pink wild roses.

'Be Mine'

Victorian Valentine pictures: Man kissing a woman's hand.

Vintage Valentine Pictures
Old Victorian Valentine card with a man kissing a woman's hand inside a red heart on a blue and golden background.

'To my Love'

Free Valentines postcard to print: Photo of paper man holding a big pink rose in his arms.

Free Valentines Day Cards in Moderns Style with Love Poems for Valentines Day
Photo of a white man made of paper holding a big pink rose, almost as big as himself. Sharp green background.

'A rose for you
My Valentine true'

Free Valentines Day cards in vintage style: white dove messanger with love letter.

Pretty Valentine Pictures and Sort of Rhyming Valentine Poems
Drawing of a woman's hand holding a dove with a pink letter in its mouth.

'I ask this boon in friendship's name
Will you be my Valentine?'

3 hopeful girls staring at a boy. Free Valentine pictures.

Free Valentines Day Cards and Cute Love Poems for Valentines Day
Three small girls in blue, yellow and blue dresses all looking at a small boy in tall hat walking in the distance.

'St. Valentine's Greeting'

'My dearest Valentine choose me.
I promise to be true to thee.'

Two cupids or angels hugging each other in forest scene. Find free Valentines cards.

Free Valentines Cards in Vintage Style and Sweet Valentine Poems
Two cute cupids in close embrace out in nature. The cupids stand in the middle of a heart made of red hearts with lots of small blue flowers serving as background.

'In summer or winter
No matter the weather.
Heart to heart dear one
We'll e'er cling together.'

Sweet Vintage Valentine pictures of two cupids looking in a book.

Vintage Valentine Pictures and Kind Valentine Greetings
Beautiful drawing of two small cupids reading a book. They sit inside a garland of pink roses that hangs in a pink ribbon with red hearts dangling at the ends.

'With Affection and Regard'

Red heart painted on old white wall. Free Valentine card.

Free Valentines Day Cards and Love Poems for Valentines Day
Modern Valentine graphic. Photo of red heart on old wall where the painting is falling off.

'Sweet heart of mine,
You are my Valentine'

Free Valentines Day cards: Little girl on a fence being given a red heart by cute little boy.

Free Valentines Day Cards to Print and Rhyming Valentine Poems
Old drawing of little boy giving a girl a red heart with his Valentine greetings.

'I want to send a Valentine
A pretty one to you
But it takes a lot of courage
Such a bold, bold thing to do.'

Vintage cards featuring two children with red heart shaped balloons. Free Valentines Day cards.

Free Valentines Day Cards and Rhyming Valentine Poems for Your Valentine Greeting
Cute vintage drawing of little boy in blue with love letter and little girl in white dress with small pink flowers. Both children are holding a red balloon shaped as a heart.

'On St. Valentines'

'Our hearts are light,
They Sail with ease.
Side by side
In love's fair breeze.'

Free Valentines cards to print: Funny drawing of two children speaking over old telephone.

Funny Free Valentine Cards and Short Rhyming Love Poems for Valentines Day
Funny old vintage drawing of a little phoning up a little girl with big red bow in her hair. Between the children is a great big red heart.

'Hello-Hello darling mine
Will you be my valentine?'

Photo of single red rose in green bouquet. Free Printable Valentine cards.

Modern Valentine Pictures and Very Short Valentine Poetry
Beautiful photo of a red rose in a green bouquet.

'Be mine
For Valentine'

Free Valentines Day cards: Woman in red dress sitting on a bench having a cup of tea while kissing a man.

Free Valentines Day Cards and Rhyming Love Poems for Valentines Day
Old Victorian vintage card of man leaning in over a bench to kiss a woman in a long red dress.

'Only a kiss, but in it lies
The fate of fond hearts twain,
It brings them into Paradise
It fires their heart and brain.'


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