A Big Package of Christmas Sayings and Thoughts

Since you are visiting this page odds are you are looking for Christmas sayings, and/or Christmas thoughts and you know what? We won't disappoint you. In fact, we'll present you with some sayings on Christmas right off - and a lot more below.

What we present to you will be a mix of famous, funny and inspirational sayings about Christmas - with the occasional funny or inspirational Christmas Quotes thrown in for good measure. (Yes, we do differentiate between quotes and sayings).

Here are the first ones:

The 12 First Great Christmas Sayings for You

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's Resolution failure.

May Love be your Christmas gift this Holiday season.

A hug is the perfect gift; one size fits all, and nobody minds if you exchange it.

We wish you health, comfort, and prosperity this holiday season. Season's Greetings.

Santa was laid off this year. Good thing we have a stimulus package under the Christmas tree.

If you divorce Christmas using the Santa Clause, Christmas becomes X-mas. Then you can marry Holly Day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May you be surrounded by all the things that bring you cheer.

X-mas - the time when we celebrate the birth of the X-men!

Wishing you an abundance of friends, happiness, and fun this holiday season.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with stress, cold, and anger. Okay, so that isn't pretty. But at least it's pretty realistic.

Everyone knows the most important part of the Christmas celebration is spending time with family you don't get to see very often. Then you have an excuse to neglect them the rest of the year.

Hoping you are surrounded by love and warmth this holiday season. Merry Christmas.

Christmas postcard of winter landscape: May love be your Christmas gift this holiday season.


'Merry Christmas!'

"Merry Christmas" is one of the famous Christmas sayings to be heard over and over this time of year.

Looking up the word "merry" in Dictionary.com, the definition is:

  1.  Full of cheerfulness or gaiety; joyous in disposition or spirit: a merry little man.

  2. Laughingly happy; mirthful; festively joyous; hilarious: a merry time at the party.

  3. Archaic: causing happiness; pleasant; delightful

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So you can see by the definition of merry that Christmas is meant to be a fun time of year, not somber and serious.

The word 'archaic' is used to show that Christmas has been around for a long time, sort of like bad jokes, terrible hair styles, too much makeup, stale alcohol, and your mother-in-law.

Christmas is a 'good' thing, though, and not to be confused with the 'bad' things that are also archaic, which might include some people's mother-in-law (who combines too much makeup, terrible hair styles, alcohol and bad jokes)!

Christmas is a time for parties, family gatherings, games for adults and kids, and, of utmost importance to most people (at least the ones owing stores), shopping.

Christmas is your time to be a merry little man or woman, full of cheer, joy, and a few pints of eggnog.

Christmas is a good time to be with people who enjoy the season, who will laugh with you - and at you. These people are the ones that get you started laughing so hard the Christmas punch comes out of your nose.

Be amused and laugh, for it is Christmas after all. This is one of the merriest and most widespread saying about Christmas: Have a merry Christmas!

'May Your Christmas Be Merry and Bright'

Seeing as we are trying to have fun this Christmas, we won't put more definitions from the boring dictionary.

The above saying is one of the common Christmas sayings that you hear in songs, read on Christmas cards, and squint at on TV or your iPad. The word "merry" is featured again, along with the word bright.

The word "bright" calls to mind the colorful Christmas lights decorating many homes and public places, such as the bright lights of Rudolph's nose as the drunk Santa comes crashing into your roof. Now, that's what we call Christmas spirit(s).

Not just the traditional red and green colors are used for Christmas lights, but blue, purple, orange, yellow and all colors imaginable are found in gay profusion all over the place.

The bright decorative lights are in patterns and designs, on buildings, in gardens and walkways. Christmas lights are placed everywhere they can be crammed, including briefcases, lunchboxes, eyeliner cases, and even the rims of glasses.

However, don't forget to enjoy the Christmas songs and lights while they are there, as Christmas will come and go. That is unless, of course, you leave your Christmas tree and bright blinking lights up all year just to annoy your neighbors.

'Wishing You a Holiday Season Filled with Wonders and Joy'

This is an inspirational Christmas saying; wonders and joy are things to be desired.

This saying fills your mind with Christmas thoughts. Or, it can, if you let it.

When you are full of joy and mirth; that is when wonders may appear in your life. People are drawn to a joyful person. Some are not so joyful at the holiday seasons, some are lonely, some are depressed, some are at loose ends, and some are just plain bananas.

Fortunately, joy is contagious. Be free in spreading your joy to others, as it will increase your joy even more. It will spread like a yawn to others, and the domino effect will fill the world with happiness and warmth that no Christmas chill can freeze.

No wonder Santa is such a jolly fellow and laughing all the time. After all, anyone would be too if they had all the gifts in the world, flying reindeer, helpful elves, a belly the size of a giant turkey and a huge beard that smells like rum and Coca-Cola.

Catch Santa's contagious laugh this Christmas season. Let there be wonders and joy for everyone who will give in to it.

'May the Joys of the Season Bring You Peace and Happiness … Now and Forever'

This is another saying that you will find on greeting cards and on signs as slogans.

This saying reminds us that we are making memories to be enjoyed this holiday season and throughout the coming New Year. It also causes Christmas reflections and memories. Funny things will happen that will be talked about for years to come.

Situations will be remembered that involve people doing crazy things that prove to be hilarious or embarrassing, such as proposing to your boss' wife or smooching with a policeman.

And yet, these things are always looked back on with warmth as part of the unique memories that we create at Christmas. Having a good time brings people together in a closer relationship.

Let your holiday season be filled with peace and happiness - and wild, crazy, loving Christmas deeds.

Christmas card with Christmas saying. Pretty picture of red and green leaves with decorative white frost.

'Love, Joy, Peace'

These are the main components of this holiday season.

This particular one of the Christmas sayings is all-encompassing of the feelings of Christmas.

And actually joy and peace are born out of love.

Love is the main thing.

When you have love, you will have joy and peace.

If you love, you will not hate or judge others harshly. You will be truly glad for them when they do well.

To love, to be at peace and full of joy is a comfortable way to live. It is a lifestyle to be enjoyed and cherished, during this Christmas season and in every season. This, too, starts within yourself. In fact, it starts with acceptance, not love. Learning to accept yourself just the way you are is the first step. Living authentically is the next. Only THEN can you truly move on to loving yourself and accepting and loving others.

(In case you want to know more about all that, you may want to look at How to Be Yourself and Find Authentic Happiness).

'Love, Joy, Peace' is one of the short, potent and famous sayings to remember. May all of you have love, peace and joy this season. And not too much of that punch-packing Christmas punch.

'Peace on Earth'

This saying that can bring a person to prayer, and it is also seems to be a requirement for beauty queens to say in their speech.

Peace on earth would be a miracle indeed; it is well worth praying for instead of that Xbox or new Ferrari you have been earnestly on your knees for. Peace on earth would surely be music to the ears of your personal deity - provided you are not worshipping one of the many war deities.

And that particular Christmas thought might just be a reminder that wishing for something that includes other people hardly ever works - because of that pesky little thing called free will.

Because, hey, what about all those people who thrive on inducing fear in other people (this would include quite a number of people in power, both in government and in the private sector) - or the true warriors of the world - or the sadists who enjoy making other people suffer? What about them? Not to mention all the people who are presently getting their monthly pay check from the arms industry!

Peace on Earth would devastate them! Would you really want to do that to them?

However, you can work for peace if you want. It starts with yourself - inside yourself. That is where you must find peace - even in a world full of fear mongers and war mongers.

(If you want to know more about inner peace, check out Finding Inner Peace by Letting Go - 10 Steps to Happiness, Freedom, Love & More Using the Let Go Method).

Consciousness is contagious, so to speak. Change yourself and you will automatically affect change your surroundings - even without doing anything. Please have no doubt that you can do your part in making world peace happen - starting with you (inside you) peace can domino around the world ...

Will you be the one to start a peace pandemic?

'Joy to the World'

There is one person who is known for bringing joy to the world: Santa.

Some believe in Santa Claus, while some do not. When he makes his circuit around the world on Christmas Eve night, people of many countries know him as Saint Nick (obviously in their own language).

Each country has a different name for this spreader of Christmas cheer, fuzzy Santa outfits, and mirth:

Father Christmas is his name in: Brazil, Finland, Greenland, France, Portugal, Latvia - or so we are given to understand.

Of course the people in each country would call him by this name in whatever language they commonly speak.

He would be called Santa Claus in: Mexico, Belgium, Hungary and The United States

In Norway he is known as either: The Christmas Elf, The Christmas Pixie, The Christmas Gnome or The Christmas Goblin, depending on how you translate the uniquely Scandinavian word of 'nisse'.

But in some countries - such as Denmark and Germany - he is simply known as The Christmas Man.

These are just a few examples, but you can be sure that he will be called something no matter where he goes. A dear child - or a fat jolly man, in this case - has many names.

Santa brings joy and gifts in his sack as he ventures about on Christmas Eve. But ... how does he fit all those gifts in his bag?

'Wishing You all the Gifts of the Holiday Season'

There are many gifts for this holiday season.

Some gifts are bought in a store; some gifts are given over and over (particularly fruitcake and that bright green sweater Granny gave you).

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Some gifts you can see, some you cannot see.

Gifts are given anonymously; gifts are given in secret.

Some gifts are not given at all.

Gifts are as varied as cloud formations. They can be any shape or size or type. Some are boxed and one cannot tell what is inside until it is opened. Some gifts mature over time until they are finally ready. Some gifts don't last, but are meant for immediate enjoyment for a short time. This is one of the most thoughtful Christmas sayings - or, rather: Christmas quotes, it tickles the imagination:

And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ‘till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more?
~ Dr. Seuss ~

In this Christmas quote the Grinch figured out that Christmas has more meaning than some people think.

You can't buy everything in a store. You can't buy friendship or love or happiness or trust or courage or many of the other most important things in life in a store. If you could, we would not need each other; it would be a cold and lonely world indeed. We cannot buy faith or spirituality or presence or even attention at a store. You can buy information about such things, but not the actual thing itself. You can't even buy the gift of true Christmas at the store.

Is the Grinch smarter than some people you know? He certainly seems to be on to something that many people cannot fathom:

Christmas is not about what you get, but what you give.

Because whatever you give away must be yours to begin with. If it wasn't, you couldn't make a gift of it. So the more you give, the richer you must be. It sounds a bit backwards, but it's true. It actually works. And then, of course, there is the fact of life, that whatever you give to those who need it comes back to you - multiplied.

'A Christmas Shopper's Complaint Is One of Long-Standing'

Surly most folks will 'get' this excellent play on words.

Is there anyone in a country that celebrates Christmas who has not stood in line for a long time to purchase that sought-after Christmas gift? This is one of the holiday sayings that are absolutely true.

Did you have to go looking all over because someone asked for that specific gift? No doubt you can remember doing the breast stroke through crowds of people to get your hands on the one and only gift that would be the perfect choice for Uncle Ned.

It was worth it, right? When the right gift is given and you see the delight on the face of the receiver, you will completely forget the long wait in line.

What makes us go to such lengths to purchase a plastic toy, a wildly colorful tie, or a sparkly piece of jewelry for someone? Why, love, of course. Giving our loved ones what they long for fills us with warmth and joy.

Things to Do While Practicing Long Standing (in Line)

Waiting in line is one of those things you cannot change unless you want to order online.

At least, buying in the store, you get to see what you are buying instead of being surprised when it comes in the mail. And then there are those pesky shipping charges. Is it worth the amount of shipping charge to wait in line? You could surmise you are being paid the amount of a shipping charge just to wait in line.

If you are standing in line for hours, there are many things you can do while waiting:

- You could read a good book (don't spoil the ending).

- We heard of a woman who squeezed in a workout by doing squats while standing in line (this is true).

- You can try and see just how many of all the great Christmas sayings and Christmas quotes you've read on this page you are able to recall.

- You could watch people, perhaps study up on the latest fashions, the best tennis shoes, or the reason teenagers' hair is combed over their eyes just so.

- You could tell Christmas jokes or start singing Christmas songs - and when you are fresh out of those (or freshly thrown out of the store) you can continue with bawdy sea shanties.

At any rate, be wary of your temper. Relax, it's normal to feel impatient. Everyone else in the line is going crazy too, and it's just part of Christmas shopping in the city.

'Christmas Is a Race to See Which Gives out First
- Your Money or Your Feet'

This is a funny saying, and will go right along with the old adage "Shop till you drop!"

Sometimes the money runs out, but shopping is possible thanks to the generous limits placed on your credit cards. If you are determined - and crazy - enough (because of the inordinately high annual interest rates credit cards are issued by what is sometimes referred to as loan sharks, after all), you can continue to put one foot in front of the other until you have marked off all the items on your shopping list as well as maxed out your credit card.

Christmas is always an endurance test. Your strength may be tested, as well as your nerves and pocketbook!

Even so, when you arrive home, put it all behind you.

Many wonderful things must be worked for, and only after the labor comes the reward. You will have gifts to give to the ones you love, things you have picked out especially for each one. This will result in much happiness, much wrapping paper to be thrown away, much financial duress in about six weeks time, and much desire to sleep of your sugar crash from too many cookies.

'Christmas Is the Season When You Buy This Year's Gifts with Next Year's Money'

This is one of the funny Christmas sayings that is true A LOT of the time. This is true especially if you are doing late Christmas shopping. People do strange things when desperate.

When you whip out the magic wand that is your credit card, it almost seems like magic how much money disappears in the blink of an eye! And more will disappear with each passing month, if you don't pay it back fast.
~ Interesting Christmas Thoughts ~

It is necessary though, as Christmas and the chance to go bankrupt buying presents only comes once a year.

Using a credit card is like pissing your pants in freezing weather. This is doubly true at Christmas.
~ Funny Christmas Saying ~

'Be Careful What You Wish for, You Might Get It!'

Christmas time is the time for writing wish lists. Some people can't seem to put anything much on their wish list, other people have almost endless wish lists! There is a rule of thumb that applies here:

The younger the person, the longer the wish list.
~ Funny Christmas Saying ~

There must be some minimum age to that though, because babies generally have a really short wish list, starting with mommy's breast and ending with a clean, dry bottom.

Here is a saying that are taken from a movie:

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!
~ A Christmas Story (1983 movie) ~

The movie is about a young boy who wanted a BB gun (pea shooter). He heard a lot of people say the above when he told them what he wanted. Even Santa Claus told him that when he asked him for a BB gun, to the point where he became leery of owning one.

Do we discourage people from asking and reaching for what they really want? Is it better to encourage or to discourage? Do we give people what they want or what they need?

One must suppose it depends on the situation and whom you are dealing. What authority do you have in the area?

A modern day version of this would be the dilemma of deciding to get your son inline skates to ride on the sidewalk. He will stay on the sidewalk, right? Do you realize how fast those things can go? How fast could he go down to the local market? Will he fall? Will he break a leg or even poke his eye out? Well, what about when he wants to drive your car? That would be worse, right? Is his opinion different from yours? Who, if anyone, is 'right'?

This moral dilemma between getting your children what they want (something dangerous like a pellet gun, a motorized scooter, or a nuclear warhead) and getting them something safe (like three blocks of wood, a soft ball, a baking set or a green sweater) will eternally be a part of Christmas. Only you can decide how to deal with it.

But if you choose from a place of unconditional love, you will never go wrong.

'Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year'

It's hard to say "Merry Christmas" without also saying "Have a Happy New Year".

Usually Christmas ushers in the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year. After the Christmas excitement is done, there is still the New Year to look forward to.

Will any of the gifts you received or the lessons you learned at Christmas help you in the coming year? Your preferred God save us if you don't learn from the many mistakes you made last year! Of course, some people never learn - and this is actually a source of great merriment for the rest of us!

Final Words

But all in all we are now able to sum it up in a single sentence:

Christmas is in your heart.
~ Famous Christmas Saying ~

External links to cool websites with pages relevant to this page

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- At the content-free encyclopedia Uncyclopedia.com you can read about Santa's proclivity for home invasion and more: Santa Claus.

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- The fictional character created by Dr. Seuss - the Grinch, as described on WikiPedia.org.

- The author Dr. Seuss himself as described on Infoplease.com: Dr. Seuss

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- Or, alternatively, Shopping as weirdly described by the content-free encyclopedia, Uncyclopedia. 


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