10 Wonderful Christmas Poems and Lyrics - Ranging from Inspirational to Funny to Love to Cute

Christmas poems are the spice of the Christmas holiday. And, what's more, they can be enjoyed all year round. Poems lead you down imagination's road to a place of deeper thought, entertainment, and sometimes laughter.

When you read these Christmas lyrics, try to notice or picture what is happening in your mind. After all, you may want to take the journey down imagination's road more than one time. It's a good way to escape the everydayness of life. It relieves the mind of pressure and worry as you leave the world behind and travel down a new and surprising sphere of sight.

The following poems about Christmas were written with your pleasure in mind - enjoy!

Funny Christmas Poetry No. 1
- The Good Little Christmas Tree

The Night Before Christmas mad libs game The Night Before Christmas
Mad Libs Poem Game
This one supposes that the Christmas tree is somewhat alive and doing a chore. Of course, the tree may be a living tree that was cut down, or an artificial tree, it doesn't matter.

The Christmas tree has a job to do - and a tree has to do what a tree has to do, right!

You are a good little Christmas tree.
You are guarding the presents well
From little hands and sneakery,
So Christmas morn will go well

A Christmas surprise under the small tree sleeps
And here are the all the secrets the little tree keeps:

There is a truck for Brandon tucked away in a box
And a doll for little Jill,
Knitting needles for Grandma and for Grandpa some socks.
But for Mom and Dad, the bill.
~ Quotescoop.com ~

Christmas Love Poem No. 2
- Time for Kisses & Cuddles

This one is only a four liner, but evocative just the same.

Christmas is the time for love relationships. If you are not in one when this season arrives, you usually wish you were. There is something about a warm embrace and a close loving relationship at Christmas to make that apple cider seem even more delicious.

Plus, in many parts of the world Christmas time is cold, and having someone to be close with and stay warm with is just so nice. Or, failing that, reading a couple of cute little Christmas love poems may spur you on to doing what it takes to find someone as fast as you dare:

Won't you give me a Christmas huddle
Topped with a kiss and hug?
Christmas is the time to cuddle.
Christmas is the time for love.

~ Quotescoop.com ~

Sweet Christmas poem on a Christmas card with Santa.

Funny Christmas Lyrics No. 3
- Where Do They All Go the Rest of the Year?

Do you ever wonder what Santa's reindeer and elves do during the year between each Christmas?

Of course we know Santa is busy planning next year's Christmas and watching girls and boys to see how 'good' (whatever that means) they are during the year. But what do the reindeer and elves do?

This is not one of those funny poems that has all the answers, but read this humorous Christmas poem and see if you can get any ideas:

What do the reindeer do all year
When they aren't pulling Santa's sleigh?
Do they rest and sleep, or do they party and play?

What do the elves do all year
Before they start making Christmas toys?
Do they go to toy school or play with elf girls and boys?

~ Quotescoop.com ~

Christmasy Love Poetry No. 4
- Giving Ourselves

Being rejected by loved ones hurts any time of year, but it might just be even worse during the Christmas season.

This is one of those Christmas love poems that illustrate the feelings of a rejected person at Christmastime. Have you ever had to ask questions like those in this poem? Are you asking them now?

If so, we do wish this situation turned around soon into a happy embrace of union - or reunion. Until then, enjoy yet another of the Christmas love poems, or, perhaps more precisely: hopeful, sad Christmas love poems ...

Where is the fun, Hon?
It's Christmas Day.
Where are the presents, Hon?
It's Christmas Day.
Where is your love, Hon?
It's Christmas Day.
Why is it so empty, Hon?
It's Christmas Day.
Just give me yourself, Hon!
And it will be Christmas Day.

~ Quotescoop.com ~

Cute Christmas Love Poem No. 5
- Watch Out for The Christmas Angel

No one is perfect. No one does only what is right and good (again - whatever that means).

Most WANT to do what is right and good, but things can get confusing, particularly if your culture happens to condemn something that your heart tells you is right. When your desires and your upbringing (indoctrination) are at odds, what is right and good may be hard to see.

As Christmas poetry goes, this one is a cute variety:

There is a Christmas angel
At the top of our Christmas tree.
She looks constantly down from above.
She sees all about you and me.

I am glad that angel can't talk
For she sees everything we do.
Hopefully she's doesn't have a camera,
Bad news for me and you.

~ Quotescoop.com ~

Short'n Funny Poem about Christmas No. 6
- Where's All the Candy?

Have you noticed that there are more treats available during the Christmas holiday? In seems that everywhere you turn there are candy and cookies and everything sweet you can imagine, not mentioning the salty things like pretzels and butter popcorn?

Once the holiday is over you may miss all the goodies and suffer severe symptoms of withdrawal.

I'm addicted to Christmas candy,
I want to eat it all the year long.
But to my horror and craving
Before the next Christmas it's gone.
~ Quotescoop.com ~

Inspirational Christmas Lyrics No. 7

This is a very powerful poem that lifts you up and makes you think:

At Christmas we rejoice
But if you had the choice
Between worlds in which to appear
Would you really choose to do it here?

Someone did get born on a sill, silent night
To pierce the darkness with a bright, shining light
So whether you're piss poor or real well-to-do
Consider if that someone just might be you ...
~ Quotescoop.com ~

Inspirational Christmas Lyrics No. 8
- Just Relax and Have a Cookie

If your life right now was a cookie, which kind of cookie would it be? Every Christmas you will probably eat more than one cookie, so what follows next is a Christmas cookie poem.

A poem about cookies, yes, that sounds a bit weird, and perhaps it is. But there a so many different kinds of cookies, and there are so many different kinds of life experience. Like the seasons it changes at regular (or maybe irregular) intervals.

Some seasons of your life are outwardly 'good' and some are outwardly 'bad'. You will live through both types, and those in between too, and as you live, you experience. What you experience, however, is up to you.

You have the choice to always try to find the unique taste - the learning experience - of every life cookie you eat. Even during the spans of time that seems to be void of anything important. If you want, you can make them important.

Anyway, in this one the meter is funny. It changes.

Though there is no rhyme in the first part, it has a common thread throughout the poem that is a rhyme in itself - it has a meter of meaning.

The second, shorter part does rhyme, and the interesting totality makes this either inspirational or funny.

Please read it and see for yourself which category YOU think it belongs in:

When I eat sugar cookies, it reminds me of love.
When I eat gingersnap cookies, it reminds me of the biting things of life.
When I eat gumdrop cookies, it reminds me of persistence.
When I eat gingerbread men, it reminds me of relationships.
When I eat butter cookies, it reminds me of the unknown parts of life.
When I eat iced cookies, it reminds me of safety.
So as you live your life
In times of strife
And feel like a rookie
Just relax and have a cookie!

~ Quotescoop.com ~

Funny and Ironic Christmas Poetry No. 9

As Christmas season approaches some people feel more dread than merriment.

Rather than saying 'Ho ho ho' they say 'Oh no no'. If you are about to host the annual Christmas dinner and celebration you may know the feeling.

If your family has a fondness for bickering or, worse, big emotional dramas where various members insist you take sides against other family members you SURELY know the feeling. Oh, to be a Zen master!

But very few of us are. Instead we can use poems, and particularly funny ones to let off some steam:

Oh dear, oh dear,
Feel free to fear
It's that time of year
Christmas time is here

Prepare to get cosy with the next of kin
For friends and family are closing in

Once again tradition has won
There's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
So let's just HOPE it will be a lot of fun
And that Grandpa won't reach for his gun!

~ Quotescoop.com ~

Christmas greeting card with purple Christmas ball and a funny poem.

A Traditional Short Poem about Christmas No. 10
- The Aftermath

All good things come to a close, even the Christmas holiday and Christmas Day itself. The last poem is one of the short Christmas poems. It is about the peaceful rest one has after the big day draws tiredly to a close.

The excitement ends, and the busy day begins to crawl to its end. You look back over the day and feel relief - and perhaps contentment, too.

Hopefully everything in your Christmas happened as planned - or something like it. That's what the tenth and final of the poems about Christmas on this page is about. Contentment.

The turkey finished cooking in time for the Christmas meal, the cake didn't fall, and the dinner rolls didn't even get burned! Everybody seemed to enjoy it. This was truly a successful Christmas. Planning and directing the Christmas holiday is a true piece of art, to be treasured in the heart and mind forever.

Merry Christmas and good night.
The children are finally in bed.
It has been a good Christmas, merry and bright.
A successful Christmas, well said!

~ Quotescoop.com ~

Final Words

These Christmas lyrics can help you get your mind ready for the coming Christmas holiday.

If you're right in the middle of it, they can inspire you or make you smile. All these poems may accentuate the things that have happened or will happen this Christmas in such a way that you may see more of what is going on all around you.

Or not.

Who knows?

In any case, the Christmas season only comes once a year. Grab hold of Christmas with both hands enjoy it the best way you know how and don't let it go until you must. Make it last as long as you care - or dare.

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