Printable New Years Cards
& Sweet and Short Poems

Lots of wonderful, free and printable New Years cards for you to see, enjoy and send to your loved ones.

Explore this diverse, colorful and high quality collection of Happy New Year Cards to find your personal favorite. You can choose between both modern New Years Eve photos and old vintage New Year greeting cards some of which feature lovely New Years poems.

Use these New Year greeting cards for private purposes: save them on your pc, edit them if you feel like it or print them out to send them. However, they are not to be used commercially. Thank you! :-)

Short History of Greeting Cards

The tradition of sending your greetings and best wishes is in fact very old.

Some of earliest cultures to use New Year greeting cards date back to ancient China and the Egyptians used to scribble their dearest and best wishes down on papyrus.

However, it was only by the 14-15th century that the Europeans finally caught on to the greeting cards exchange tradition.

But better late than never, right. :-)

Why Dame Fortune Is on Many Cards for New Year's

When you scroll down to look at the many New Years greeting cards below, you will notice that some of the old vintage New Year cards feature Dame Fortune as a Gypsy woman (or go here to find more Dame Fortune Happy New Year Cards).

Dame Fortune or (Fortuna, as she is also called), is originally quite an ambiguous goddess of fortune in Roman religion.

She can be in a good mood and bring you luck, which of course is nice!

However, she can also be less charitable and bring you bad luck! Not so nice, obviously!

So as you can see staying on Dame Fortune good side is definitely to prefer.

What on Earth Is Death Doing on the Cards?

Well, first of all the old white bearded man with the long cloak that you may see on New Years greeting cards is actually not Mr. Death himself.

No, he is Father Time! Father can be easily recognized as he is often holding a scythe or an hourglass. Father Time represents changes; death being one of them.

In New Years cards he most often depicted as defeated by a sweet little angel or a young woman (his wife Mother Earth).

In this way his defeat may symbolize the beginning of a new life cycles starting January first.

Anyway, enough talking for now ...

Go On - Enjoy These Happy New Year Greeting Cards

Sydney Opera House by night with colorful fireworks.

Sweet vintage New Year postcard drawing of little boy angel with a brown bag reaching for the door knob.

'Good Luck and a Happy New Year'

'Peace be beneath your roof. Content within your heart'

Little girl with New Year's resolutions.

Modern New Year postcard: drawing of colorful firework in blue, green and pink.

Fancy card for New Year's: colorful bubbles or round lights.

Vintage New Year card with Dame Fortune.

Old vintage card: little girl looking out through window.

Old New Years Eve party photo of man and woman.

Dark night sky with pretty fireworks.

Vintage New Year postcards: Little girl with bell hat and sweet New Years poem.

Woman in white clothes blowing away snowflakes.

Vintage happy New Year card with funny writing consisting of wood and flowers.


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