Really Funny Condom Ads: Let's Talk About Sex without Actually Talking About Sex

• Yes, most really funny condom ads have sex written all over them without actually picturing sex!

• They let our minds do all the dirty work. And we love it!

• These really funny ads make out the cherry of the cake from condom brands such as:

- Billy Boy
- Durex
- Condomi
- Cupid
- Faire
- Tulipan
- Jontex
- Trojan
- Elasun
- Jiffy
- Hansa Plast
- Kama Sutra
- Manix.

• Hope you'll enjoy these funny ads from our exquisite condom commercial collection.

• If you already hunger for more, you can see more funny condom commercial galleries here and here.

Durex commercial - funny ads with stork

Durex condom commercial - Stork delivers letters rather than babies.

Billy Boy funny condom ads, girl blowing bubbles

Fruit Flavoured
 - Billy Boy funny condom commercial with pretty girl blowing purple bubbles ... or perhaps something else entirely.

Durex commercial - funny condom ad - baby auto chair

Funny Durex Commercial with baby auto chair and price tags - condom or baby? Your choice!

Condomi condom commercial - man screaming - tastes like real fruit

Tastes Like Real Fruit
- Funny condom slogans from Condomi condoms with man screaming in pain.

Cupid condom ads - funny commercial: savings of a lifetime

Savings of a Lifetime
- Once again, you want babies or expences? From Cupid condom ads

Funny Durex commercial: sex in elevator, better shape, better sex

Better Shape. Better Sex
- Durex commercial and condom slogans - High heals in elevator wall.

Funny condom ad from Farie - condom halo

Be Good
- Faire condom funny ads with saintly halo.

Tulipan condom commercial Rorschach test - are you thinking about sex

Are you thinking about sex?
- Tulipan funny Rorschach condom commercial and condom slogans.

Jontex funny condom commercial with legs under toilet door

Jontex ads with legs under toilet door

Durex ad with christmas tree - comfort and joy

Comfort and Joy
- Funny Durex commercial with Christmas tree.

Trojan condom ads - woman surrounded with pigs on the beach

Evolve. Choose the one who uses a condom every time.
- Trojan funny condom commercial with pigs on the beach.

Elasun condom commercial basketball - funny ads

Sports Make You Health(y)
- Elasun condom ad with figure playing basketball.

Durex commercial with water bottles  - delays your climax so you can last longer - really funny ads

Delays Your Climax so You Can Last Longer
- Great condom slogans in funny Durex commercial: Durex Performa with water bottles beside the bed.

Hansa Plast condoms - tanned girl with white hands on body

Long Pleasure Condoms
- Hansa Plast funny condom ad with tanned girl on beach.

Really funny condom ad - jiffy condoms - got a stiffy put on a jiffy

Got a Stiffy? Put on a Jiffy!
- Jiffy condom commercial - great example of funny condom slogans.

Durex select condoms - funny condom commercial with pealed orange

Fruit Flavoured
- Durex commercial with pealed orange: Durex Select.

Kama Sutra condoms: fits any head - really funny condom ads

Fits any head
- Kama Sutra funny condoms ad.

Mainx condoms commercial; manix endurance, one boy for many girls

Manix Endurance
- Manix funny condom slogans with class photo: one boy and many a girls.

Durex xxl - durex commercial with wide legged woman

Durex Extra Extra Large / Durex XXL
- Hilarious Durex commercial with wide white legged woman.

Trojan condoms with turtles, Extended pleasure, funny condom ads

Extended Pleasure. Enough time for all your tricks.
- Trojan funny condom slogans with athletic turtles.

Funny Durex ad painted on sidewalk - Durex with knobs

With Knobs
- Hilarious Durex commercial and condom slogan painted on sidewalk.

Jiffy condom ad - no babies yet tshirt on dog

No Babies Yet
- Jiffy funny condom ad.

Tulipan condom commercial - skeletons having sex - funny ads

Be careful
- Tulipan skeletons funny condoms making out on bed.

Durex funny ads: ballon people making out - really funny ads

Funny Durex commercial with balloon man and woman.

(All ads displayed are copyright of their respective creators/owners and are displayed here for informational and educational purposes only)

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