26 Funny Condoms Ads
That Will Raise Your ... Spirits

• There's nothing like funny condoms in potent ads that will give your mood a decent lift!

• These funny condom ads manage to say so much with so few means that each condom commercial is an art piece in itself.

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Durex commercial extra large, footprints in the sand - really funny condom ads

Durex Extra Large
- Funny Durex commercial with two footprints and a third mysterious line in the beach sand:-)

Trojan condoms funny ads: trojan wizard, extra harry

Trojan Wizard. HP. Extra Harry. Protect your 'wand' from 'Hogwarts' when entering her 'chamber of secrets'
- Trojan funny condom ad and condom slogan.

Condomi condom commercial: muzzled sperm, funny ads

Condomi condom commercial - muzzled sperm is harmless sperm

funny condom ads from condomshop.com - firemen, don't be stupid, protect yourself

Don't be stupid. Protect yourself.
- Condomshop.com funny ads: naked man with firemen.

Funny Durex commercial: roger more written with condoms

Durex Performa. The climax delay condom.
- Durex commercial: funny ads with Roger More.

Elasun condoms: funny condom ads with Nike symbol - just make it!

Just make it.
- Elasun funny condom ad with NIKE symbol and slogan.

Really funny ads: Monster condoms commercial, cookie flavoured

Cookie flavoured. Hot girls love eating me cookies!
- Funny condom ads featuring Monster Condoms.

White Night Chocolate condoms ad - really funny ads

White Night funny condoms ad: Chokolate Condoms.

Funny Durex ad: theatre curtain: durex wishes you a great evening - really funny ads

Durex wishes you a great evening
- Durex commercial with very suggestive red theatre curtain.

Billy Boy fruit flavoured condoms, orange - really funny ads

Fruit Flavoured
- Billy Boy condom ad with orange flavour.

Funny Durex commercial with shy painting - funny ads

Durex commercial with shy painting.

Elasun condom ads: rings athletics

Sports make you health(y)
- Elasun condom commercial with rings.

Hansa Plast funny condoms - long fuse

Long Pleasure Condoms
- Hansa Plast funny ads: long fuse.

Durex commercial with Monica Lewinsky - chocolate flavoured

Chocolate Flavoured Condoms
- Durex condoms ads: Monica Lewinski chocolate teeth.

Harmony condoms: funny ads with condom fort

Harmony funny condoms: strong and safe as fort

Durex funny condom ad: Stork pizza delivery

Funny Durex commercial: Stork pizza delivery rather than baby delivery.

jiffy condoms commercial: Got a stiffy. Put on a Jiffy. Enjoy the Ride

Got a stiffy. Put on a Jiffy. Enjoy the Ride
- Jiffy funny condom commercial.

Kama Sutra couple making love - condom ads

Long Last. The tough part isn't to getting her to say yes. It's getting her to stop saying yes.
- Kama sutra funny condom with lovemaking couple.

Tulipan condoms ads example: Bunnies in a park - fun now, kids later

Fun now, kids later
Tulipan condom ads with bunnies.

Funny Condomi condom commercial: ultra thin - blowing bubble

Ultra Thin Condoms
- Condomi funny condom commercial: blowing bubbles.

Lifestyles condoms ads: very funny commercials with woman's bottom: Well-rounded

- Sexy condom commercial with LifeStyles condoms.

Manix condoms commercial - funny condoms ads from Manix - three shoes, King Size

King Size
- Manix funny condoms with three big shoes.

Durex commercial, Really funny ads with greek football team

The parents of EURO 2004 Greek football team players. Thank you for not buying our product.
- Durex condoms ad.

Trojan funny condom: rabbits and turtles: quicker isn't always better, extended pleasure

Trojan Extended Pleasure. Quicker isn't always better.
- Trojan funny ads with rabbits and turtles.

Tulipan condom ads: skeletons having sex on chair - be careful

Be careful
- Tulipan funny condoms featuring lovemaking skeletons.

Funny Durex commercial with baby bed - really funny ads

Durex commercial with baby bed and thought provoking price tags.

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