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Fantastic Heineken ads - beer opener in dark alley, The best beer ads

It could only be Heineken!
Great example of Heineken beer ads: Never know who's waiting around the corner!

Fabulous heinken beer commercial - sexy bottle on film in the movies - great alcohol ads

It could only be Heineken!
Heineken beer commercial featuring lusty beer openers watching sexy bottle in the movies.

Beer opener looking at contact ad - call me

It could only be Heineken!
Another one of the great Heineken beer commercial - Bottle opener looking for beer companionship: "call me!"

Heineken ads - crime scene - the best beer ads

It could only be Heineken!
Heineken beer commercial with bottle openers gathering at the crime scene.

Heineken beer commercial - bottle opener suspects on a line - who did it

It could only be Heineken!
Another one of the well thought through Heineken commercials - Bottle opener suspects standing on a line for identification.

Heineken commercials - Heineken beer dj playing for bottle openers

It could only be Heineken!
Great Heineken ad - Heineken beer dj

Great Heineken ad - rings on valentines day

Happy Valentine's Day
Heineken beer ads - Rings ... Will you marry me ... Love is in the air ... or is it beer?

Heineken commercial - Heineken ice cream - great beer ads

L'esprit bière par Heineken
French version of a Heineken ad: Great visual play with ice cream.

Heineken ice cubes - fab alcohol ads

L'esprit bière par Heineken
Another chilly Heineken commercial featuring ice cubes.

Great Heineken ad with sardines in a can - beautiful alcohol ads

L'esprit bière par Heineken
Beautiful Heineken beer commercials: Don't let your eyes fool you, it's not canned sardines!

Heineken beer commercial - big statue - great beer ads

For a Fresher World!
Heineken commercials - statue looking out at the sea.

Heineken ad - statue of liberty in Manhattan

For a Fresher World!
Heineken beer ads - Manhattan as we all wish it.

Heineken beer commercial - Paris and the Eiffel Tower - alcohol ads at their best

For a Fresher World!
Heineken beer commercial featuring Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Heineken beer commercial - a pile of pizza boxes

Made to Entertain
Heineken alcohol ads - A big pile of pizza boxes.

Heineken ads - hand on bottle - after ski alcohol ads

After Ski
Another French example of Heineken ads - Warm hand melts icy bottle!

Heineken commercials - great beer ads for after ski pleasures

After Ski
Great Heineken beer commercial visually mixing mountain and beers!

Heineken beer commercial - casino royal - some things shouldnt be shaken or stirred

Some Things Shouldn't Be Shaken or Stirred. It's all about the Beer
Enjoy one of these clever Heineken beer ads promoting Casino Royal!

Heineken alcohol ads - Halloween sponsor - good beer ads

Heineken Sounds Good
Heineken unofficial sponsor of Halloween - great Heineken beer ads - everybody's gotta go sometime!

Heineken ad from jammin festival -great visual beer ads

Heineken Jammin Festival
Beautiful Heineken beer commercial

Heineken commercials - The one, The Matrix Reloaded - beer ads

Matrix Reloaded
Another example of visual pleasure in Heineken ads.

Heineken beer ads - sponsor of grammy awards

Heineken commercials - legs - bottoms up - beer ads

Bottoms up
Heineken beer commercial that really manages to merge a play of words with a play of the eye.

Heineken beer ads - pure as water

If it were any more natural you'd have to water it! Heineken Meet You There! Pure Heinken beer ad

Heineken ads - six pack - Take one for the team

Take one for the team!
Another instance of Heineken beer ads that cleverly plays with your mind!

Heineken beer ads - on pause

L'esprit bière par Heineken
Heineken beer ads that make time stop!

Heineken ads - Nintendo - it's game day

It's Game Day
Heineken beer ads join forces with Nintendo!

Heineken beer ads - beer relaxing

Uhm ... lie back and enjoy!

Heineken ad - candle - great beer ads

For a Fresher World!
The chilly pleasure of a Heineken ad in candle light!

Heineken ad - opening the six pack -  great alcohol ads

Real Passion for Beer!
Funny Heineken beer commercial that neatly captures the human sin of greed ... or is just lust?

Heineken beer commercial - hand reaching for the Heineken


Heineken commercials - five lines - great heineken ads

Neat Heineken beer commercial.

Responsible Heineken ads - give the key

A responsible party host will give one and take the other
Responsible Heineken ads about drunk driving!

Heineken beer commercial - dont drink and drive

Don't Drink and Drive Another responsible Heineken beer commercial about drunk driving!

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