Ideas for Personalized Wedding Gifts and Anniversary Presents

Giving personalized wedding gifts is a great way to show you really care about the couple getting married and have put some serious thought into a present that will make them happy both now and in the future.  

If you're looking for unique wedding gift ideas or creative wedding gifts this page on diverse types of custom wedding gifts is a great place to start.

It will take you through the basic considerations you have to consider when deciding which personalised gift ideas are the best for the happy couple you want to give some really tasteful or cool wedding gifts.

When Picking Cool Wedding Gifts There Are Considerations ...

There are many factors you should take into consideration when giving a personalized gift, especially at a wedding.

Although a wedding is typically a very formal occasion, the type of gifts you can give depend very much on the personalities of the couple, how old they are and what your relationship to them is.

What constitutes cool wedding gifts to one couple may be very far removed from what a different couple considers cool wedding gifts.

Choosing the perfect personalized wedding gifts can be tough, but there are some good general guidelines to follow.

Read on to learn what factors you should consider when choosing a gift, the types of gifts you can give and some other ideas for custom wedding gifts and personalized anniversary gifts.

What to Consider for Wedding Gifts

Just deciding on a normal wedding gift can be a challenge, but custom wedding gifts can add an extra layer of complexity to the decision.

How should you personalize the gift? Should you go for engraved wedding gifts or should you add a photo of the couple themselves?

A recent photo, or one from when they were younger? Should you not use a photo of them at all, instead choosing an image that represents their relationship, or a landscape scene that will appeal to them?

What Do the Two Different Personalities Have in Common?

Personality is the first factor you should consider. Chances are you are probably much closer with one of the spouses-to-be than the other, but you should pay equal attention to the personalities of both the bride and groom. Chances are they might be very different - opposites attract, after all.

But you should think carefully about their personalities and what they have in common. What did they first strike up a rapport over? Perhaps they both love yoga, or hiking, or photography, or a particular musician. Perhaps they met in a supermarket.

Whatever it may be, you can get creative and find ideas in things they have in common and incorporate those into the design of your personalized wedding gifts.

When deciding on creative wedding gifts you'll probably want something that both the bride and the groom will treasure - or at least accept.

Consider the Life Style and Life Stage of the Couple

Another couple of equally important factors to look at are the life style and the life stage of the couple.

Is this their first, second or third marriage?

Are they young or older?

Are they looking to have kids or are they beyond that stage?

Do they lead a traditional life, or a 'wild' life, or somehow life that is somehow 'alternative'?

Are they into minimizing their carbon footprint and other impact on the environment, perhaps?

All those sorts of things are the ones you'll want to consider when you go through all the possible wedding present ideas.

For example, even if they're a young and carefree rock and roll couple, if they're at the stage of their lives when they're about to settle into a house and start raising a family, they will appreciate receiving gifts that have a practical use - things like home appliances and furniture.

Still though, you can find a way to give them personalized wedding gifts that have a practical use - luxury bathroom linen with their names embroidered on it is one idea that springs to mind.

Conversely, a couple at a later stage in life - perhaps they've both been married previously - will have very different priorities when it comes to material possessions, especially if they're wealthy and their kids have already 'left the nest.'

With these kinds of couples, something purely ornamental might be much more appreciated, if it's beautiful and fits in well with their personal tastes. People who 'have everything' may even be slightly miffed if you offer them a purely practical gift.

Types of Custom Wedding Gifts

Now we've covered the essential principles of choosing a personalized wedding gift, let's get into the actual types of personalized wedding gifts you can give.

Gifts can be personalized in a range of ways. This can include photo printing (photo gifts), for things like mugs (photo mugs), blankets (photo blankets) and t-shirts (photo t shirts and other custom t shirts), or embroidering for something more formal and fancy such as linen, or, for things made of metal and such, engraving (engraved wedding gifts).

Photo Books Are Immensely Popular - and Make Great Custom Wedding Gifts

Photos themselves can form the basis of the whole gift - for example photo books are immensely popular these days, and high quality photo books are an excellent choice for custom wedding gifts.

This is especially true if you've known one or both of the spouses-to-be for many years and you have a bunch of photos of them - ones they may not have even seen before.

If you have an extensive digital library on your computer, putting together this sort of photo books is a snap.

Even if you have a bunch of old printed photos, you can easily scan them, touch them up on a computer (or have someone do it for you - some shops will do this very cheaply) and turn the results into a classy and elegant photo book.

For photos of the other spouse-to-be you'll need to get in touch with their friends and family. Odds are they will be delighted to help.

Personalized Champagne Glasses (and Perhaps Champagne, Too)

Champagne glasses are another good choice. These can be given to couples both young and old - everyone likes to have some classy champagne glasses sitting on their shelf for a special occasion.

Glasses can be printed with the couple's names or a small image, or both.

And, if you like, you can add a bottle or two of good champagne, as well.

You can even have the label of the champagne bottle(s) personalized if you want (just look for 'personalized champagne bottles', or alternatively, 'personalized wine bottles' on the Internet).

When you're getting a personalized wedding gift like this, make sure you select an appropriate font style for the writing.

You don't want block letters - writing that looks like calligraphy, with swirls and links, tends to create the most elegant look.

A Personalized Calendar or Wall Hangings

Another option is a personalized calendar. For a new couple, a personalized calendar acts as a daily reminder that this is their first year together as part of a married unit. You can include personalized messages for each month.

This is the perfect gift if one of the people getting married, as it allows you to remind your son or daughter of the the lessons you've learned from your own marriage so that they don't make the same mistakes and remember to enjoy their time together while it lasts.

Wall hangings can also be good personalized wedding gifts. If the people getting married are a devoutly Christian couple, a cross with their names and date of marriage inscribed on it can make the perfect decorative accessory.

But again, think about what stage the couple are at in their life and relationship - if they're just settling down, you may be better off getting them something they can use on a day to day basis.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts - Now That You're at It!

Of course, while we all enjoy weddings and a good personalized wedding gift can leave a long-lasting impression on a couple close to your heart, anniversaries also present an opportunity to let your creativity soar with a personalized wedding anniversary gift.

Whether you're giving a gift to your spouse on your own anniversary or another couple on theirs, personalized anniversary gifts help make the day even more memorable.

And while we're on the subject - if you give a couple a personalized wedding gift, it may not be a bad idea to get one or more relevant personalized anniversary gifts made at the same time ... as long as you're fairly confident the marriage will last at least a year! :-)  


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