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Here's a great thing about inspirational quotes, quotations, phrases, mottos and sayings:

Good quotes can express so much truth in so few words.
There's a lot of inspiration and motivation to be had.

Like Mohandas K. Gandhi saying: 'Where there is love there is life.'

And as for the short funny stuff, well:

Isn't it great to have a quick smile?
It can change your day for the better!

Here's a great thing about this website:

Only the BEST!
All content is hand picked.
It's got to be short funny, cute, sweet, cool or inspirational.

And here's a second great thing about this website:

It's not just quotations, sayings, phrases and mottos, but
poems, jokes, SMS, letters, stories, pictures, art,
sound files and videos, too!

And here's a third great - and very important - thing about this website:

YOU get to publish your own inspirational quotes,
poems, jokes and short funny stuff!

(But only ... (yeah, you've guessed it): Only the BEST!)

YOUR stuff on these pages is one of the reasons why the site is called it's a cooperative, a collaboration.

Together, we find the best inspirational sayings, funny quotes, famous quotations, birthday quotes, famous movie quotes, love poems, short funny jokes, inspirational stories, funny life quotes, audio files, videos and SMS text messages ... Or the best love quotations, birthday poems, SMS jokes and thank you notes ... Or, even better, we create them ourselves!

And then we share them with each other!

So come and join us by sharing your jokes and sharing your life quotes.

About Me: Your Host

My name is Soren Lauritzen (a Danish man's name, like Soren Kierkegaard) and I have a passion for a LOT of things, including: coaching/guiding, teaching, writing, humour, helping others, motivation, inspiration, exploration, making love (intuitive tantra), playfulness, joy, personal development, consciousness, practical spirituality, life, love and, of course inspirational sayings, motivational phrases and inspirational quotes!

I will even say (often in coaching/guiding or in speeches) my own more or less powerful sayings and inspirational quotes ... and then I usually forget to write them down.

So most of those you won't find here, though are some, e.g. in the motivational articles Inspiring Quotes and Inspirational Quotations - each of those two articles is a reflective essay, a kind of motivation essay with lots of great inspirational motivational thoughts, sayings and quotes.

Also you'll be able to find various printable cards, quotes, sayings poem and funny stuff for different seasons in our Christmas, New Year's and Valentine section

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Oh, By the Way:
Another Great Thing About Inspirational Quotes is ...

... that you can make entertaining quotes articles or humorous articles (easy to read) based on good quotations and funny motivational sayings.

In time you'll find both lots of free articles, a free downloadable ebook and a bit of stuff (e.g. photo gifts and fun unusual gifts that you can buy at very affordable prices (e.g. collections of motivational and inspirational articles, minibooks, inspirational motivational ebooks, etc.).

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Soren Lauritzen
a.k.a. The Personal Development Guy - high-level life wisdom, self improvement and spirituality. (If you're a parent and you like those kinds of high-level self awareness cocktails, you might like my sister's parenting site Positive Parenting Ally