21 Sexy Presents for Boyfriends
- Truly the Best Gifts for Men!

It seems that many women find it harder to buy presents for boyfriends than it is to buy gifts for husbands. 

This is often because they don't know exactly where they stand in their relationship with their boyfriends, and thus they feel that the mens presents they buy them may be too much or too little.

Some women are worried that their gift idea for him may reflect that they are not really in a committed relationship, while others worry that their gifts for a man may show too much commitment.

Women think this way much more than guys do. MUCH more. So ...

Ladies, please relax.

Don't Worry too Much About Men's Presents
- Men Are Simple Creatures ...

Men in general really don't read as much into a gift as women do. Honestly! If you give a man a present he is mostly just pleased - possibly even pleasantly surprised. So finding the right gift ideas for him is nowhere as hard as you may think. In fact, it's easy.

When it comes to buying a gift for man who is currently your boyfriend (future status unsure), there is always one present that you can buy him: sexy things. This is just as true if you are looking for gifts for husbands or any other kind of mens presents.

Whether you are buying birthday presents for guys, valentine presents for man, or getting an anniversary gift for him, you are always sure to succeed if you buy something sexy.

There are sexy things for him, sexy things for you, and sexy things that you can both enjoy. You don't even have to buy anything, you can DO something sexy instead. Sexy is as sexy does (to paraphrase Forrest Gump), so when you're looking for gifts for boyfriends getting him something sexy is the surest way to reach his ... heart.

Are men really that simple? Do they really just want something to do with sex from you? In a word: Yes.

Those Simple Creatures Also Like ...

Okay, so apart from sexy stuff many men also like things to do with sports, play, drink, food and hobbies but in general sexy stuff will do just fine, no matter what the situation or occasion.

Here are some great ideas of sexy presents for boyfriends that you can get him, and with these presents you never need to worry about what your relationship status is.

After these sexy mens presents, you can basically almost dictate where the relationship goes and he will be as putty in your hand (and isn't that all women's dream?)

What Is Sexy? Sexy Is ...

21 Ideas for Getting Your Boyfriend Something He'll Never Forget

What is sexy, anyway? Basically anything can be erotic, but keep in mind that men tend to be more visual as well as more hands-on than women.

Much more than women men tend to enjoy that which is somewhat (or even very) pornographic and that which is very direct - which includes direct stimulus to highly sensitive body parts.

That said, there are lots of different sexy presents you can use as gifts for a man - here are some 21 of them, all of which make perfect gifts for boyfriends - both alone and in any combination you desire:

1) Shaving Presents for Boyfriends

If you want to entice him to stay over at your house a night or two (a week), a Travel Shaving Kit is the perfect gift for him. While it may not sound sexy to give him a razor to keep his face clean, the shaving kit comes with all sorts of enticements, such as condoms, a razor for the 'unmentionables', and a few other surprises.

Now he has no excuse to go home in the morning, giving you a chance to express your "affection" for him in ways that he is sure to appreciate. When morning rolls around, he can head off to work fresh and ready for a new day.

2) Erotic Chocolates as Cool Gifts for Men

Every guy loves a few chocolates, but imagine some Erotic Chocolates and the effect they can have on your foreplay and sexy times.

Erotic chocolates are basically regular chocolates, but they are shaped conveniently and filled with delicious creamy and alcohol fillings that will make them at the more enjoyable for you and your partner.

He is sure to enjoy this gift idea for him, and who says you can't have fun enjoying the gifts for boyfriends yourself? With these sexy chocolates, you can be sure to put the sweet back in "Sweet Jesus!"

3) Erotic Food for Boyfriends

Getting him to come over to your place for a late-night meal can be a sexy tempting treat for him, but imagine how much fun you can have making him an Erotic Meal as a gift for man.

The erotic meal can be made with foods that are known to be aphrodisiacs, such as chocolates, oysters, cilantro, figs, and honey. Once the meal is over, having items like chocolates and honey will definitely add to the sense of fun when you turn your dinner into a late-night all-he-can-eat dessert buffet.

4) Kama Sutra as One of the Top Gifts for Men

For the women who want to please their men, the Kama Sutra Kit is one of the best presents for boyfriends.

The Kama Sutra kit comes with a few sensual oils and massage creams that can kick the evening off, along with a few other sensual surprises that will make the night one to remember.

A quick guide to Kama Sutra positions is included in the kit, giving you some great ideas of fun ways to spice up your sex life.

If he is the kind of guy who likes to try new things, this is one of the best gifts for a man of action and adventure in the boudoir.

5) Body Art as Really Cool Gifts for Men

Body art is an excellent form of expression, but the nasty taste of paint is sure to ruin an evening of fun. Or will it?

With Delicious Body Paints, you can turn an evening of art into an evening of artistic naughty fun. You can enjoy painting each other's bodies with the edible paint, which you will then lick off each other and enjoy the chocolate, strawberry, or caramel flavors.

Don't stop there, but let the paints be the thing that gets your night started properly and give you a chance to spice things up.

6) Customised Gifts

Every guy loves to feel sexy, but every woman loves to see a sexy man in the kitchen, doing the dishes, ironing clothes, and doing her work for her. If he is the kind of guy that loves to do kitchen tasks, a Sexy Apron for Him is one of the mens presents that you may want to consider for him.

After all, it can't hurt for him to look stunning in his special apron that you got as a Valentine gift for man. He will look sexy with the hunky body printed on the front of the apron, and he will enjoy wearing his gift every time he works in the kitchen for you.

7) Sexy Underwear as Top Gifts for Men

Every woman has had the occasional emergency when she attends a romantic evening wearing nothing underneath her dress (a special treat for him). If this is the case, getting him an Emergency Thong Kit is a great way to give him power over you.

Once you are done with your special date, you can always request the emergency kit from him, in exchange for certain favors of course. You can have fun making the date special, but without ever worrying about ending up "au naturel" in the wrong place at the wrong time.

8) Sexy Games as Cool Gifts for Boyfriends

Guys may find that Sexy Games can add a lot of spice to their sex lives, as the games can bring a whole new element of fun.

Sexy Monopoly (Monogamy), Sexy Scrabble, Sexy Twister (Advanced Sex Techniques) Dirty Minds, Loaded Questions (the adult version) or even Sexy Sorry! can be a lot of fun for guys, and you both will have endless hours of fun doing exactly what the various cards instruct you to do (hint: it usually involves something sexy – the names of the games are a dead giveaway).

Add some fun and an element of competition to your sex life with these sexy games to really spice things up.

9) An Edible Sexy Bikini as One of the Best Gifts for Men

Most boyfriends can't get enough of seeing their beautiful girlfriend in a bikini, and they love to eat candy as well. Imagine gifts for boyfriends that combine the best of both worlds, and you have an idea why the Candy Bikini is such a great gift idea for him.

This sexy bikini is made to be eaten from your body piece by piece (quite literally), and he can indulge his sweet tooth while still participating in consensual acts of enjoyment.

Few presents will appeal to him as much (unless there is an iPhone app that will get you to take all your clothes off), so consider this as a birthday or anniversary gift for him.

10) More Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is one of the physical arts that are sure to add a good deal of fun to your sex life, but the large textbook that is the Kama Sutra book may just be too long to enjoy.

However, you and he may enjoy a deck of Kama Sutra Playing Cards, featuring some of the top sex positions in the Kama Sutra book. You can play games like Sexy War, Go Fish with a Twist, or Sex Position Bullshit to turn your afternoon of boredom into a time when you both learn more about each other's bodies than you could ever have imagined.

Not a bad gift idea for him, is it?

11) A Sexy Body Bow + YOU

For the ladies who want to dress up (or down) extra special for him on a special birthday or anniversary, it can be hard to choose the right dress, pants and shirt combo, or elegant outfit.

One of the best ways to tempt his mind is to wear the Body Bow (only for use at home, as it is not suitable for going out).

This sexy outfit is basically a large ribbon that covers all of the delicate parts, and it is a great way to (quite literally) give yourself to him on this special day for you two.

12) More Body Art  ... Tasty Tattoos

Most kids love to draw on their bodies, but their parents tell them that it is bad (but other than being a bother to wash off, why should it be in any way bad?).

Many guys still draw on their hands to keep notes when in a hurry, but there is a kind of pen that is actually great for drawing on your body: The Tasty Body Art Pens.

Similar to body paints, these pens allow you to draw sexy and tasty tattoos on each other. Once you get started with your art, the only thing you will need to do to erase a "mistake" in your drawing is your tongue, and you may find that he is thankful that he is not a great artist because of all the joy these presents for boyfriends can bring to an artist that needs to correct his mistakes often.

13) Erotic Massage is Another One of the Top Gifts for Men

There are few things that women find more erotic than a good massage, even a regular massage that is not meant to be erotic. If he is one of those men that are interested in making you happy in the bedroom, one of the best anniversary or birthday gifts for boyfriends is an Erotic Massage DVD.

These DVDs come with lessons on how to give good massages, both erotic and otherwise. He is sure to be pleased with the techniques that he can learn that will make you happy, and you can bet that the DVD with the erotic massage techniques will improve your sex life immensely once he tries out the things he has learned.

14) A Naughty Vibrator (for iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player or Phone)

Who could have imagined that the iPhone or iPod could be such an erotic device? Steve Jobs sure didn't, but whoever dreamed up the Naughty iNano Vibrator certainly figured out a way to make a perfectly functional device be far more useful in the bedroom.

This little device is a vibrator that hooks up to his iPod, and it will start vibrating once you start getting some music playing. Not only is it compatible with your iPod, but it works with pretty much any media device with a standard headphone jack.

For fun, musically enhanced sexy times, this toy is a great gift for man who loves to please his woman - as well as for the tech geek who loves weird gizmos. Picking gifts for boyfriends has never been ... geekier and sexier than this. :-)

15) A Naughty Weekend Kit

When planning a special trip for an anniversary or birthday gift, why not get him the Naughty Weekender Kit with everything you need for a naughty week away?

The kit comes with a few condoms (including a few'special' ones), lubricants, oils, a naughty card game, and a few other items that you can be sure will come in handy once you reach your destination.

For a sexy, fun time while traveling, you will not find a better traveling companion than the Naughty Weekender Kit (other than him, of course).

16) A Set of Naughty Personalized Aprons

While he may enjoy working in his sexy apron, you can bet that he will do anything to spend time with you when you are walking about in a Sexy Apron for Her.

Rather than the well-muscled bod that is displayed on his apron, your apron displays the sexy body that is well hidden under your clothes. You can opt to get a personalized apron with a sexy picture of you on the front, or it can be a picture of a random model that is purchased off-the-shelf from the "Sexy Things Store".

Every man loves to see a sexy woman in the kitchen, and this gift is one of the best unique birthday gifts for him. If you're in doubt, just get him two different ones.

17) (More) Sexy Lingerie for You

All men love to see their women dressed up sexy in an elegant evening gown, a low cut top, or a very flattering pair of jeans. However, most men dream of seeing what's under the clothing, and getting some Sexy Lingerie for You is one of the best birthday presents for guys.

While it may not seem that something for you is a present for him, but you can bet your boots that something that he gets to take off you is really a present that he will enjoy far more.

Consider sexy outfits, sexy nighties, baby dolls, or a sexy matching top and bottom set. Get him something he will enjoy, and you can rest assured that you will enjoy what follows ...

18) Joke Books as Presents for Boyfriends

For some reason, the only jokes that guys love more than potty jokes are sexy jokes, and a Sexy Joke Book is a great gift for that guy who still laughs at silly jokes.

Some sexy joke books contain hilarious limericks with sexual innuendos, while others contain collections of sexy jokes from magazines like Playboy. You are sure to have him laughing at the sexy jokes, and it will be a present that he is bound to love.

19) Sexy Lubricant

There are just some situations where lubricant makes everything better, and you may find that having a bottle of the stuff on hand is a great idea.

However, rather than going for petroleum jelly-based lubricant, why not consider getting a bottle of Organic Lubricant as a birthday or anniversary gift for him.

After all, he will be spreading it in the right places on you, and the organic ingredients used to make the lubricant will nourish your skin will making it more fun for him. So ... how about making your gifts for boyfriends slippery?

20) A Sex Manual - or a Sexy Gift Basket

Most guys feels that they have no need of improving their skills, but you may find that a simple Sex Education Book can help him make amazing strides towards becoming a better lover.

You can get him the book along with a few sexy toys to make a sexy gift basket for him, and you can encourage him to try out the book just to see what amazing new techniques he can learn. You both may be pleasantly surprised by the tricks he can pick up ...

21) Sexy Handcuffs (or Other Restraints)

Handcuffs may seem like a present that is going a bit too far over the top, but they can be a lot more fun than you might expect.

After all, there is always the thrill of one of you being completely at the mercy of the other person, and a set of these fluffy restraints can add a good deal of fun to your foreplay. You can surprise him with a couple of pairs of these cuffs, using them either on your wrists or his for some excellent birthday or anniversary "happy endings".

Last Words

When it comes to buying presents for boyfriends, sexy is (generally speaking) always the way to go.

There are few guys who don't enjoy a beautiful and beloved woman who has just put on a sexy outfit or purchased a sexy present for them, so don't underestimate the power of you wearing something seductive (including nothing at all) or finding (or doing) some other sexy stuff to entice him. You never know where things might end up ...

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